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Advanced Shock Wave Technology ASWT The SMART Lithotripsy System Compact lithotripter for the entire range of applications Shockwave Technology & Lithotripsy

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Setting new standards in lithotripsy Performance and Service. The system is a compact, transportable lithotripter suitable for the entire range of urologic applications. Its modular design also makes existing C-arm and lithotripsy table. SMART: Global Service design, its generator and all relevant components can be packed in a small transportable box weighing less than 50 kg. So, with our Global Send-in Warranty, if there is ever a generator problem that cannot be fixed onsite, the customer can send us the generator from many areas around the world for cost-effective and quick service.

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SMART: High Performance Advanced Shock Wave Technology (ASWT) to provide the most consistent and hig- hest guality shock waves. Although shock waves are a combination of positive and negative pressure, the negative pressure is responsible for tissue damage. The electrode however, delivers shock waves with practically no negative pressure. Smart-Trode has a shock life of up to 400% longer than conventional electrodes. In addition, SmartTrode replacement is a quick and easy procedure, in one simple Performance features: • constant spark during the entire treat- ment time • unique minimal...

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Technical Data Focus Area (-6db) fx, fz at power Shock Wave Power Settings: Shock Wave Repetition Rate: via variable water cushion Dimensions of ESWT Module: Power Supply: Power Input: MTS: New Dimensions for Shockwave Technology thanks to ASWT MTS, headguartered in Constance, has been developing and producing ESWT devices since 1997. In addition to orthopaedics and urology, MTS treatment solutions are being used in the field of dermatology. MTS is the inventor of the patented Advanced Shock Wave Technology. By using the "intelligent electrode" - SmartTrode, the advantages of low-energy...

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