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The ESWT system Advanced Shock Wave Technology for traumatology and sports medicine orthogold 280 ASWT

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ESWT – with orthogold280 - A As the number of indications suitable for ESWT grows, ESWT with orthogold280 is becoming increasingly accepted as an effective alternative to surgery and pain medication. The orthogold280 is easily controllable through a detachable operating panel. Its flexible therapy head can be adjusted to any position with the push of a button ensuring optimal treatment parameters for every indication. Integrated wheels provide mobility for easy transport and use throughout therapy centres. Targeting options • Laser-Pointer for easy and secure positioning of the therapy head...

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Success Story in Orthopaedics orthogold280: The Effective Alternative Extracorporeal shock wave therapy with orthogold280 is the non-invasive, ambulatory alternative to surgical intervention with virtually no side effects. It is clinically proven to effectively treat numerous orthopaedic indications, including chronic, non-healing bone fractures which experience a healing rate of over 80% with the orthogold280 making it an efficient and economical alternative to surgery. The therapy system was especially developed for orthopaedics, traumatology and sport-specific medical centres. Its...

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orthogold 280 ASWT Technical Data Applicator 280 Therapeutic Focus fz (-6dB): Energy Flux Density (ED): Focus Energy (E total / -6dB): Dimensions: Power Supply: Power Input: Repetition Rate: Weight: 0 – 75 mm 0.02 – 1.80 mJ/mm2 0.1 – 41 mJ 915 x 670 x 990 mm 230 Volts / 50 Hz or 115 Volts / 60 Hz 500 VA 1 – 5 Hz 152 kg MTS and TRT Tissue Regeneration Technologies LLC are at the forefront of non-invasive healing and regeneration of tissue by means of intelligent shock wave application. Our interdisciplinary team of physicians, biologists, physicists and engineers collaborates with...

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