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All-in-one solution offers the user great penetration depths Advanced Shock Wave Technology in Compact Format of up to 75 mm and wide range of the shock wave energy Shockwave Technology & Lithotripsy

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ASWT: New Dimensions for Shock Advanced Shock Wave Technology (ASWT) was developed exclusively by MTS. Through the use of our patented intelligent electrode, the SmartTrode, we are able to combine the advantages of low-energy shock wave generation with those of high-energy in a single device, without compromising the quality or consistency of the shock waves in any way.

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Wave Technology The Right Solution for Every Indication The efficacy of ESWT has been demonstrated in the treatment of numerous conditions, and the results of new evidence-based studies show that an even broader range of ESWT applications exists. MTS’s proven technology makes exclusive use of the “intelligent electrode” – SmartTrode, which automatically adjusts itself for the desired energy level - thus delivering the most consistent shocks and the highest quality treatment. Additional options are available from a selection of applicators. Successful ESWT treatments require the correct...

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Technical Data Energy Flux Density (ED): 0.01 - 0.49 mJ/mm2 Focus Energy (E total / -6dB): 0.09 - 9.38 mJ Energy Flux Density (ED): 0.01 - 0.35 mJ/mm2 Focus Energy (E total / -6dB): 0.15 -10.18 mJ MTS: New Dimensions for Shockwave Technology thanks to ASWT MTS, headguartered in Constance, has been developing and producing ESWT devices since 1997. In addition to orthopaedics and urology, MTS treatment solutions are being used in the field of dermatology. MTS is the inventor of the patented Advanced Shock Wave Technology. By using the "intelligent electrode" - SmartTrode, the advantages of...

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