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Radial Shock Waves Economically treating musculoskeletal disorders

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Fast and economic pain relief with physiogold50® Radial shock wave therapy is a non-invasive therapy method for the fast and economic treatment of numerous musculoskeletal disorders, also in the chronic state. Treatment with physiogold50® represents an ambulatory alternative to surgical intervention as well as medication with virtually no side effects. It does not require any anaesthesia and can be effected in hospital environment as well as on an outpatient basis. Operating mode Radial shock waves are produced mechanically, whilst a pneumatically accelerated projectile hits the transmitter...

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physiogold50® physiogold50® is a small and light weight therapy system, ideal for mobile and home care use. It’s consists of a main unit with integrated air compressor and features three applicator types for the treatment of a broad radial indication range. The therapy system can be intuitionally and easily operated via an 8‘‘ LCD touch screen and saves up to 250 treatment protocols to simplify daily treatment process. Shock waves are comfortably released via release button at the applicator hand piece. It’s state of the art technology and first-class materials guarantee high quality radial...

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physiogold50® Technical data Power supply: 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz Energy flux density (ED): Up to 0.37 mJ/mm2 Shock emission pressure: 1-5 bar Shock emission frequency: 1-22 Hz Shock emission release: release button Via at applicator hand piece Shock emission modus: Released via applicator: single, continuous, burst Life cycle applicator kit: Up to 2 million Dimension (l x h x d): 375 x 177 x 330 mm Weight: 12 kg Accessories Trolley cart Soft bag for secure and easy transport MTS is specialized in development, manufacture and distribution of Spark Wave® therapy systems that are successfully used...

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