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Automatic traysealers

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Automatic traysealers BETTER PACKAGING

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MULTIVAC is a major manufacturer of automatic traysealers. Each machine is individually designed to each customer’s specific requirements in terms of tray and product infeed, discharge of packs, marking and quality inspection. It dovetails seamlessly into your new or existing production environment, either as a stand-alone machine or as part of a fully automated packaging line. Reliability, durability and a comprehensive service make MULTIVAC a resilient link in your production line.

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Improved packaging with MULTIVAC traysealers Precision cutting systems for inside-cut and outside-cut High seal seam quality for maximum pack security Gentle tray transport Maximum operator safety due to comprehensive protective devices Easily removable panelling

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Simple operation and production data acquisition Energy-efficient servo lifting unit MULTIVAC benefits · MULTIVAC Hygiene Design™ · High production output and pack quality · Individually tailored solutions · Maximum output with the minimum footprint · Energy efficiency · Pioneering ergonomics and userfriendliness · Long service life · Comprehensive range of solutions for infeed and removal of trays · Customized solutions for tray loading · Complete supply for packaging lines Easily removable conveyors for convenient cl

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Recipe for a successful tray pack MULTIVAC began building the first traysealers for food packaging in the 1980s. Today, traysealers have much more capacity, compared to what was possible then. They are particularly easy to clean with a hygienic stainless steel design and can be quickly converted to different tray shapes and sizes.

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Pre-made trays are used for packaging. The tray denesting can be manual or automated. 2 The filling of the trays is performed manually or automatically in the loading area. In addition to the simple sealing of a tray, MULTIVAC provides atmosphere exchange or a vacuum process for manufacturing skin packaging for the production of MAP packaging. The upper web is applied to the filled trays in the sealing die. The upper web and tray are sealed with a seal seam, and then the upper web is cut. 4 Tray discharge Conveyors, belts or roller conveyors transport the tray out of the machine. The...

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Machine classes What are your requirements of a traysealer? Special tray shapes? High level of versatility? Automatic tray infeed? A small footprint? MULTIVAC offers a uniquely wide range of machines to meet your requirements.

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Large range of packs The diversity of food and its forms of presentation are continually increasing on supermarket shelves. At the same time, the demands for the trays in terms of tray shape and material are also increasing. This wide range of packs can be produced reliably and efficiently on MULTIVAC traysealers. We design each machine individually to fit specific customer requirements.

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Trays and film On MULTIVAC traysealers, all standard trays can be sealed in plastic or other materials in a variety of forms. The upper web is optimally utilized so that only minimal film trim lattice is created. Tray materials ·· Mono and composite plastic ·· Box ·· Foam ·· Aluminium ·· Renewable resources (such as based on cellulose) Tray shape ·· Rectangular ·· Multi-sided ·· Round ·· Oval ·· Several cavities ·· Slice pack Film ·· Unprinted film ·· Printed film ·· Lid film ·· Fish film ·· Temperature-resistant film ·· Mirabella ·· Film from renewable resou

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Outside cut With the outside cut, the upper web protrudes 1.5 to 2.5 mm beyond the edge of the tray (“cutting protrusion”). This type of cut is technically much easier than inside cut, and it functions with a wide range of upper webs. Inside cut With the inside cut, the cutting line on the upper web runs inside the outer contour of the tray. This enables an elegant visual appearance to be achieved. The technical effort of this cutting system is greater than with outside cut. Peel corner Peel corners can be used as an opening aid with both the inside cut and the outside cut. The unsealed tab...

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Modified atmosphere packaging Natural atmosphere The simplest technical solution is sealing of the trays without modified atmosphere. These packs protect the product from contact and mechanical influences, but do not have any properties which extend shelf life. Equilibrium atmosphere (EMAP) The permeability of the upper web is matched to the respiration rate of the product by means of microperforation. This enables an equilibrium atmosphere to be established, which extends the shelf life of sensitive, respiring products such as fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs. Modified atmosphere (MAP)...

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MultiFreshTM vacuum skin packs Packaging under vacuum extends the shelf life of products, since the biochemical degradation of the product is slowed down by the removal of the atmosphere. In the production of MultiFreshTM skin packs, trays and MultiFreshTM skin films are used that enclose the product tightly and seal the entire surface with the tray. As flat products may be slightly compressed in the process, vacuum skin packs without product protrusion are particularly suitable for pressure-insensitive foods. For pressure-sensitive products as well as packs with product protrusion, we...

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MULTIVAC traysealers are designed for a safe and reliable packaging process. Faster and easier die and film change allows for maximum flexibility. Register mark control 23

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Tray transport systems The MULTIVAC portfolio includes traysealers which are equipped with different tray transport systems. In this way, any trays with unusual shapes and properties can be safely processed in all areas. This includes single-track and multi-track systems. MULTIVAC transport conveyors can be designed for both one- and two-track systems. MULTIVAC Tray CarrierTM System T 700 XS, 2-track with integrated line converger T 700 S, 2-track with integrated line converger T 700, 2-track with integrated line converger T 800 S, 2-track with integrated line converger T 800, 2-track with...

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