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Chamber machines

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Chamber machines BETTER PACKAGING

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MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of vacuum chamber machines. Our portfolio includes tabletop and free-standing chamber machines, as well as chamber belt machines. These machines dovetail seamlessly into your new or existing production environment, either as a stand-alone machine or as part of an automated packaging line. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make MULTIVAC chamber machines a resilient link in your production chain.

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Machine classes What are your requirements for a chamber machine? A small footprint? Maximum cycle output? The secure sealing of special pouch materials? MULTIVAC offers a uniquely wide range of machines to meet your ideal requirements.

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Tabletop chamber machines MULTIVAC tabletop chamber machines can be used very flexibly due to their compact dimensions. This makes them an ideal packaging solution for butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, direct marketing companies and farm shops, as well as for a wide range of consumer goods. Viewing window made of safety glass MC 06 machine control with precise vacuum measurement in the chamber High seal seam quality for maximum pack security Easy cleaning

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Free-standing chamber machines A variety of product types and sizes can be easily and efficiently packaged on MULTIVAC free-standing chamber machines. Thanks to their comprehensive range of equipment options, they can be individually configured and even automated for part of their functions. Various chamber lid heights can be selected Widest range of sealing systems for the secure sealing of all Pouch materials Various sealing bar arrangements can be selected Individual pump configuration MC 06 machine control with precise vacuum measurement in the chamber Easy cleaning

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Double chamber machines MULTIVAC double chamber machines are equipped with two chambers and a swing lid. While products are being packed in the first chamber, the second chamber can be unloaded and loaded again. In this way, double chamber machines enable a particularly efficient packaging process. Various chamber lid heights can be selected Heating band and severing wire can be controlled separately MC 06 machine control with precise vacuum measurement in the chamber High seal seam quality for maximum pack security High packaging process efficiency through parallel vacuuming and loading/...

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Vertical chamber machine The MULTIVAC AGV is designed for packing products, where the film pouch is standing vertically. The filled film pouch is placed or suspended in the chamber and it is first evacuated in this position and subsequently sealed. This ensures that no powdery or free-flowing products can fall out during the packaging procedure. It is also possible to pack with modified atmosphere with the AGV. MC 06 machine control with precise vacuum measurement in the chamber Roller conveyor for ergonomic introduction of the products Automatic opening of the chamber Height adjustable for...

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Chamber belt machines MULTIVAC chamber belt machines are available in various output categories. These machines can be individually configured thanks to their wide range of equipment options. By combining with shrinking and drying units, they can be extended to automated shrink packing lines. Simple operation and production data acquisition Tilting chamber lid for easy accessibility MULTIVAC Hygienic DesignTM through hygienic stainless steel construction, tilting lids and cleanable belts. Easily removable panelling

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MULTIVAC benefits · MULTIVAC Hygiene Design™ · High production output and pack quality · Wide selection of equipment · Maximum output · Minimum space requirement · Ground-breaking ergonomics and user-friendliness Electric chamber lid movement without compressed air consumption Modular extension capability High seal seam quality for maximum pack securit

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Principle of operation for the vacuum chamber machine MULTIVAC developed its first vacuum chamber machine in 1961. We provided a crucial contribution to the introduction of vacuum packing for the production and marketing of food. Thanks to the particularly simple packaging procedure, pouch packing is still the most flexible and efficient solution for reliable packing of small batches.

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The operating principle of chamber machines is explained below in detail, using the example of a tabletop chamber machine. The physical processes in the case of free-standing units and chamber belt machines are fundamentally identical. After the chamber lid has been closed, the vacuum chamber is a hermetically sealed space. A vacuum pump sucks out the available air until the vacuum value, which is defined in the machine control, has been reached. This process removes the atmosphere present in the vacuum chamber, the film pouch and the intermediate spaces within the product. 2 Modified...

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Recipe for success with pouch packing Pouch packing is explained below in detail using the example of a tabletop chamber machine. In the case of free-standing and chamber belt machines, the loading and unloading of the vacuum chamber in particular can be automated. 1 Filling the film pouches Pre-made film pouches, which can be made from a wide range of materials, serve as the packaging material. When filling the pouches, care should be taken to ensure that the seal area remains clean. 2 1 Inserting the film pouches The seal area of the film pouch is positioned on the sealing bar. In the...

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Large range of packs A pouch pack can fulfil the widest range of requirements in the life cycle of a product. Its areas of application are equally diverse. Pouch packs protect against environmental influences, extend the shelf life of products and meet the wide-ranging needs of logistical chains. Food ·· Point of sale packs -- Self-service packs for the end customer -- Packaging of fresh products at the counter -- Bulk packs for commercial customers ·· Maturation bags for meat and cheese for controlled maturing and the reduction of maturation losses ·· Storage packs for the hygienic and...

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