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Packaging protects products and preserves their quality. Protecting values – as a manufacturer of packaging machines, this is what our business is about in every aspect of our commercial activity. We are conscious of the need for economical use of packaging materials and other resources. We consciously foster the valuable relationships with our customers, employees, business partners and all those in our industry environment. We place the greatest value on the quality of our products and services, and it is through these values that we gain the appreciation of our customers.

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That counts countries, to which MULTIVAC delivers and provides service. Global perspective and worldwide activity. 150,000 packaging machines sold. Concentration on the satisfaction of our customers. 2,500 packaging trials annually. Broad and in-depth know-how of the packaging sector. percent stainless steel. Long lifespan, optimum hygiene. 4, employees. Our most valuable asset.

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1961 Founding of the company. Continued family ownership. Independent and strong. daughter companies and branch offices worldwide. Close to our customers and their markets. percent of all thermoforming packaging machines worldwide are from MULTIVAC. Expertise in packaging with film. ,500 production sites worldwide. Quality and flexibility as a result of a high degree of vertical production integration.

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We think about the bigger picture MULTIVAC offers holistic solutions for film-based packaging. We serve customers worldwide with our wide range of machines and services. Our decentralized organisation is the basis for our individual customer care. Service provider ·· Integrated packaging lines ·· Packaging consulting service ·· Thermoforming packaging machines ·· Sample packs ·· Consumable materials ·· Test production ·· Used machines ·· Chamber machines ·· Third-party products ·· Training courses ·· Line components ·· Inspection systems ·· Spare parts supply ·· Marking systems ·· Machine...

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Definitely well packaged Conveyor Belt Machine B 610 Transport conveyor system MCS

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Systematic packaging MULTIVAC develops and builds turnkey packaging lines, including infeed equipment, handling modules, convergers, inspection systems, labelling and marking equipment as well as outer packaging systems. All the processes of a line can be controlled centrally via the MULTIVAC HMI user interface. The MULTIVAC machine control enables process data to be further processed electronically, such as product traceability for example. MR337 conveyor belt labeller

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Still making “Better Packaging” – since 1961 Sepp Haggenmüller developed the first chamber machine in 1961 in a garage. A spirit of invention and the right intuition for the needs of customers have made MULTIVAC the global market leader. MULTIVAC is in family ownership today: independent, strong and reliable. Sepp Haggenmüller designs the first vacuum chamber machine Company move from Böhen to Wolfertschwenden Thermoforming packaging machines made of stainless steel First thermoforming packaging machine Construction of the second production site in Lechaschau in the Tyrol Solutions for the...

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The right solution for every market

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Industrial and consumer products Packages that are produced on MULTIVAC machines, offer protection against mechanical impact, UV light and moisture. Where required, we can design solutions for product traceability, as well as packs with integrated anti-theft protection or counterfeit-proof packs.

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Food Food manufacturing and processing is the largest market, in which MULTIVAC’s packaging solutions are used. Hand producers of food products, the catering sector and the food industry all find tailor-made solutions at MULTIVAC. The MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™, the reliability and ease of use of the equipment, as well as the worldwide service, make MULTIVAC the leading manufacturer of packaging solutions for food products. Medical The packaging of pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare products requires a special responsibility. Sterility, mechanical protection and a packaging process,...

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Our trademark: complete cleanliness MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ The MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ sets the benchmark in the hygienic operation of packaging equipment. All the materials used and the machine construction are designed in such a way, that food residue or dirt can either not adhere or can be easily removed. This guarantees optimum hygiene and consumer safety. Those machine parts, which are relevant to hygienic operation, are manufactured from stainless steel. Dirt traps, such as small gaps and recesses, are systematically avoided. Large, vertical or angled surfaces simplify cleaning...

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MULTIVAC Clean Design™ The MULTIVAC Clean Design™ leads to a GMP-compliant packaging procedure in cleanroom environments. In order to keep the formation of particles as small as possible, MULTIVAC offers electrical drive units, low-particle cutting units, isolation panelling and central exhaust air collection for pneumatic components, as well as an external vacuum supply to the machine. GMP-compliant materials, smooth surfaces, rounded edges and the avoidance of dirt traps simplifies cleaning. The high degree of visibility into all process-related areas of the machine makes quality control...

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The short route to innovative, tailor-made machines MULTIVAC concentrates its expertise in packaging, products and applications at its headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. Development, production and application technology are located in close proximity and direct contact with each other. High degree of vertical production integration and diversity MULTIVAC’s manufacturing is characterised by its flexibility and quality. The basis for this is provided by the high level of vertical production integration and diversity. Since we carry out most of the manufacturing stages in-house, we can monitor...

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