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Packaging solutions - Life Science and Healthcare products

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Packaging solutions Life Science and Healthcare products BETTER PACKAGING

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MULTIVAC is an innovative manufacturer of packaging solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products. Each of our machines and lines is designed individually to your requirements, such as process reliability, reproducibility and automation. Reliability, durability and a comprehensive service make MULTIVAC a resilient link in your production chain.

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Individual packaging solutions for sensitive products Process reliability. Reproducibility. Traceability. MULTIVAC packaging solutions support the flexible and efficient packaging of sterile medical products and pharmaceuticals. Integrated packaging solutions As a global company with many years of extensive experience, MULTIVAC offers packaging solutions that are far more than just a reliably functioning machine. Your needs and our know-how come together to produce a packaging solution that is specially tailored to your requirements. Global sales and service network We work closely with you...

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From the specific requirement of the sector to the tailored solution Customers benefit from many years of experience in the sector, as well as from professional support by a specialised sales adviser locally and by a project manager at the company headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. Definition of requirements Every project begins with a clarification meeting, where the customer describes his particular requirements, states the challenges that are specific to the sector and product, and then defines his expectations - usually in the form of a User Requirement Specification. The experts at...

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Sterile medical products Reliability. Reproducibility. Traceability. MULTIVAC packaging solutions for sterile medical products ensure reliable, reproducible and traceable procedures. Our machines are designed for low-bacteria and low-particle packaging of products in cleanroom environments. MULTIVAC packaging machines run rigid and flexible films, aluminium multi-layer films, as well as materials based on paper and Tyvek®. This means that a wide range of sterilisation methods is possible. Our customers package sterile medical products such as · · · · · · · Catheters Single use products...

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Pharmaceuticals, diagnostic and biotech products Sensibility and flexibility MULTIVAC packaging systems with their GMP-compliant machine design enable sensitive products to be packed flexibly and efficiently in a wide range of formats - irrespective of whether you are producing a pack for an individual product or a combination pack. Our packaging solutions offer: · · · · Product protection (environmental influences, contact with product, locating of product) Tailored functions (opening aids, inner and outer packs, ...) Traceability (serialisation, track & trace) Security against products...

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Comprehensive portfolio We offer individual packaging solutions as stand-alone systems or automated lines for medical and pharmaceutical products, and these solutions can cover all the functions of packaging, handling, labelling and marking, quality inspection, box packing and palletising. We also integrate existing systems and third-party products into our solutions.

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Thermoforming packaging machines MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines form, fill and seal all types of packaging materials, and if required they can pack under vacuum or with modified atmosphere. The range of available equipment is matched to the special requirements of sterile medical products and pharmaceuticals. We offer machines in all output categories to suit your production volume. Cutting Low-particle cutting Cutting systems tailored to specific materials Options for perforation Labelling and marking Integration of a wide range of printing systems Labelling systems that can be...

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MULTIVAC benefits · Individually tailored solutions · High production output and pack quality · Maximum output with the minimum footprint · Process reliability, reproducibility, traceability · Efficient use of packaging materials and energy · Wide range of configurations and upgrades Loading Manual Automated Forming Wide spectrum of materials Variety of well proven forming and heating systems Highest level of packaging quality, even with large cut-off lengths and maximum forming depth Monitoring equipment Pack content: product identification, presence, completeness, protrusion etc Packaging...

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Equipment options for thermoforming packaging machines In order to ensure that sterile medical products are packed reliably in cleanroom environments, we offer a wide range of equipment options for our thermoforming packaging machines.

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Optimum cleanability and process reliability This equipment option comprises different design features, which contribute to easy cleanability and to process reliability ·· See-through safety guards ·· Avoidance of hidden corners and voids ·· Cable and pipe work routing in enclosed ducts ·· Particularly small clearances Cleanroom compatibility MULTIVAC packaging solutions can be individually equipped for use in cleanroom environments, for example: ·· Low-particle modules ·· Activated carbon filters ·· Exhaust air collection unit ·· Closed cooling water circuit Data communication Thanks to...

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Thermoforming packaging machines in the MULTIVAC Clean DesignTM Flexible packing of sensitive and complex products Thermoforming packaging machines in the MULTIVAC Clean Design™ incorporate significant developments for the packaging of sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech products. They achieve a high level of efficiency, even with small batch sizes, and they offer the greatest possible degree of process reliability, since they ensure that, among other features included, complete line clearance can be achieved. Machine design to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry The...

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