Quality inspection: Product and pack inspection - 24 Pages

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Quality inspection: Product and pack inspection

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Quality inspection Product and pack inspection BETTER PACKAGING

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Brand protection and consumer safety are gaining ever more importance. Thanks to MULTIVAC‘s innovative inspection systems, you can provide efficient quality control and ensure that your pack and labelling or printing are faultless. From the detection of foreign bodies to weight inspection and right up to final pack inspection, we offer you a wide spectrum of solutions for meeting statutory regulations and maintaining the highest quality standards.

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MULTIVAC inspection systems Our systems for quality inspection are suitable for a broad scope of tasks, such as detection of foreign bodies, weight inspection and final pack inspection. They guarantee precision, reliability and quality. Thanks to our worldwide service network, we ensure the optimum operation of all our installed systems. Weight checking · Checkweigher · Checkweigher with metal detector Metal detection · Metal detector · Ejection devices X-ray inspection · Simple adaptation · Curtain-free version Visual inspection · Pack and product inspectio

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Optimum product and pack inspection Quality MULTIVAC offers inspection solutions which reach a high technical level and meet the requirements of the market. We focus on innovative products and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, as well as on absolute reliability and efficiency. Our relationship with our customers is one of a dialogue between partners. Hygiene When we develop our products, we pay attention to a design which is consistently hygienic throughout. Our products are easy to clean and they give simple access to all the relevant modules. This means MULTIVAC inspection...

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Weight checking The high-precision MULTIVAC checkweighers ensure that only sufficiently filled packs make their way into the retail chain. Our checkweighers can be ideally matched to your products and packaging procedures ensuring they contribute to a consistently high level of output and pack quality. MULTIVAC checkweighers are available in different weight ranges and versions. Doubletrack versions enable a high level of output to be achieved without compromising process reliability. The floor stands are designed for rigidity against flexing, resistance to torsion and for reduction of...

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Checkweigher To ensure optimum pack handling and maximum throughput, MULTIVAC checkweighers are available with a large spectrum of transport conveyors and in the widest range of configurations. They can also be equipped with an acceleration conveyor for pack separation. Checkweigher: Standard version Ejection device Weigh conveyor Infeed conveyor Checkweigher: Version with acceleration conveyor Acceleration conveyor Double-track checkweigher: Side ejection devices for each track Acceleration conveyor

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Checkweigher with metal detector Our checkweighers with integrated metal detector can be equipped with two separate ejection devices, so that packs with incorrect weight and contaminated packs can be ejected separately. The arrangement of the ejection devices can be matched individually to your production environment. Checkweigher: Ejection device on opposite side Checkweigher: Ejection device on the side Double-track checkweigher: Side ejection devices for each track

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Metal Detection System HACCP compliant & WSFOOD certified M INSIGHT ready

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Metal detection In the food sector the protection and safety of the consumer are increasing in importance. HACCP, IFS and BRC are important standards in this regard. With this grows the demand for inspection methods, by which products with metallic contaminants can be detected reliably and rejected from production. MULTIVAC offers IFS compatible, space-saving and highly efficient solutions for detecting contaminants of magnetic and non-magnetic metals. MULTIVAC metal detectors are available in four basic configurations: · · · · Integrated into a checkweigher Integrated into a thermoforming...

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Ejection devices for metal detectors We provide different types of ejection devices for our metal detectors. The selection of the rejector is determined by the shape and weight of the pack. The integration of the metal detector in the packaging procedure also has to be taken into consideration. Metal detector: Alarm & Stop Metal detector: Air blowing nozzle and pusher Metal detector: Segregating gate Metal detector: Hinged conveyor

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X-ray inspection X-ray inspection systems detect metallic and non-metallic foreign bodies, such as stones, glass or bones. Any contaminants can be localised and identified on the display of the machine control. X-ray inspection systems can also be used for checking the completeness of the pack content. Packs that contain metallic components, such as clips etc, can also be inspected using the X-ray inspection system. Depending on the model, MULTIVAC X-ray inspection systems operate with either diode array detectors or high-performance cameras for high-resolution X-ray images. Used in...

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Simple adaptation to your products and packs MULTIVAC X-ray inspection systems are available in different scan widths. A large range of options and comprehensive software packages ensure optimal adaptation to a variety of tasks. Numerous monitoring functions and seamless documentation of all procedures make MULTIVAC X-ray inspection systems a reliable instrument for your quality assurance. X-ray inspection system with curtains

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X-ray inspection system without curtain MULTIVAC offers a curtain-free X-ray inspection system for particularly light or unsealed packs. This involves guiding the products into the X-ray inspection system using inclined conveyors. Curtains that could divert light packs are not required. This also avoids any contact occurring with the content of unsealed packs. X-ray inspection system without curtain

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Visual inspection Visual inspection systems can be used for checking the quality of packs and their labels or print. The tasks performed in these areas are highly diverse, and range from label and print data checks to completeness checks. Our product range extends from sensors and code readers for simple checking tasks through to the innovative MULTIVAC Vision System (MVS) for fulfilling complex inspection requirements. Our experts support you in defining a suitable inspection system and integrating this solution in your packaging procedure and labelling or printing process. Label and print...

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