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Zeta - 1

Where design meets quality

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Zeta - 2

Zeta Namrol is shaping the future of professional podiatry chairs. All research begins with a consideration of history. Using the example of our 1995 podiatry chair, designers describes those elements that still make a Namrol chair unmistakable today. A combination of precision and technological innovation, Zeta offers a patient chair in a class of its own. The design of Zeta chair really stands out from the crowd. It showcases individuality, while also impressively demonstrating how progress can be interpreted in a comfort way.

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Zeta - 5

Zeta You choose 3, 4 or 5 motors Podiatry Chairs are an essential part of a practice and should be the focal point of every clinic. More than just a necessary piece of equipment, Zeta represent an investment in quality, technology, and comfort to your patients. It's the opportunity for your podiatry clinic to enhance efficiency and expand treatment solutions, differentiating your practice and clearing the way for profit growth.

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Zeta - 6

Ideal cover fc ■ X. X ■ intensive use High quality skai® material with fine calf leather grain and subdued matte-gloss-effect. Disinfectant resistant. Fulfills medical standard DIN EN ISO 10993-5+10. cong-lasting. Easy to clean. Tear resistant. Blood- and urine resistant UNAKB WE IMPROVE YOUR LIFE High Performance and Control Low-noise durable and powerful actuators, with high speed/ high performance and mechanical endstop for first failure safety. This makes it the right choice for the future.

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Zeta - 7

Details make the difference SENOSAN High quality material made of ABS and PMMA. White coextruded multi-layer composite sheet with a brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic. High chemical resistance, high impact strength, long durability and off course recyclable. Variable Positioning A special piston / valve system, which separates the two pressure chambers in the spring, allows effortless movement and locking. It´s just a small thing that most people wouldn’t notice, but it’s a detail worth noting in the quest for outstanding quality and durabilit

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Zeta - 8

Uncompromising approach to every treatment situation. Let us help you choose a Zeta chair that will take your clinic to a whole new level. Zeta can reach a perfect flat position at any height, for the maximum comfort of the operator while performing a clinical examination or professional treatment. The swivel base, the minimum height to the floor and the folding arms, provide comfortable access for the patient. 360° rotation on base enabling different working positions. Anatomical backrest with low hardness foam, for comfortable and relaxed treatment of patients. Powered base, back and tilt...

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Zeta - 9

Ref. Dual leg Ref. Single leg Number of actuators Power connection Frecuency Watt Standby power Memories Warranty Height adjustment Electrical Electrical Electrical Seat adjustment Electrical Electrical Electrical Back adjustment Electrical Electrical Electrical Legrest adjustment Gas spring Electrical at once Electrical independently Legrest hand controls XX/

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Zeta - 10

ZETA Chair Comfort begins at the head Make yourself and your patients comfortable. Adjust the headrest of your Zeta chair exactly to the comfort position. The fixed positions are precisely adapted to the anatomy. Hands free operation The foot switch is your multifunctional control element for all chair functions. Include home position and two memory positions that you customize to your needs.

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Zeta - 11

Quick adjustment Easy-to-reach release handles on side of each legrest allow for smooth, one-handed operation . (Electrical movment in Zeta 5) Padded access The exclusive seat design with side padded, ensures comfortable access for everyone and enable patients to transfer onto and off of the chair with minimal assistance.

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Zeta - 12

ZETA Chair Single leg support which is electrically operated. SN-727 and SN-728 360º 360º Rotation with foot lever for a perfect and controlled locking function

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Zeta - 13

Easy to get into and out of the chair Upholstered arms make it easier for your patients to get into and out of the chair. They swing downwards and provide support and security during treatment, without you having to forgo freedom of movement. Arms lower with the chair back as well as swivel. Multi-Positioning Articulated leg rests with angular width of 30° -30°, mounted on telescopic slides with travel up to 300 mm, tilting and vertically lift able with an amplitude angle by 90°, perfectly vertical to the ground in the rest position.

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Zeta - 14

Accessories, the value of choice A broad range of accessories lets operator personalise the treament chair according to their specific needs. Protection screen Protection screen can be attached to either side of the chair, is designed to block the patient’s line of sight to the foot treatment area. Paper roll holder Debris tray Ergonomic paper holder, easy assembly (max. lenght 59 cm, 12,5 cm Waste collection trays with quick clamping system in stainless steel.

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Zeta - 15

Magnifying lamp support Scialytic lamp support Chair side mount magnifying lamp support. Synchronized raising and lowering Chair side mount scialytic lamp support. Synchronized raising and movement with the chair. lowering movement with the chair. Hand control Wireless Foot Control The Zeta handset has an ergonomic design and size and features large buttons all Enjoy the freedom of locating the foot control anywhere in the room. blending in to a user-friendly handset. Hook for placement on the bed. Remove cords and eliminate obstacles.

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Zeta - 16

New generation seats, a fusion of contemporary design with attention to essential ergonomic features. A properly supported back for the professional whilst carrying out his duties.

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Zeta - 17

MONZA Anatomic stool with half moon back rest, upholstered in SKAY, seamless easy to clean with piston controlled height regulation. Soft, double castors mounted on chrome finish, with 5 points of support. Colors can be matched to the range of colors for the treatment beds Ergonomic for ideal posture. It´s just a small thing that most people wouldn’t notice, but it’s a detail worth noting in the quest for outstanding quality and durability. COSMOS Anatomic stool with backrest, upholstered in SKAY, seamless easy to clean with piston controlled height regulation. Soft double wheels mounted on...

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