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Compact NMR for your benchtop Operating Frequency: Magnet: User Interface: Nuclei: Lock: Sample: Compatibility: Lineshape: Sensitivity: Stray Field: Operating Temperature: Power Supply: Dimensions: Weight: 60 MHz (1.4 T) Permanent, no cryogens Built-in Touchscreen 1H or 19F Deuterium & non-D options 5 mm NMR tubes & flow options JCAMP-DX, Mnova, ACD/Labs, Delta, Topspin, LabView LW(50%) 1.0 Hz 100 : 1 (1% EtBz single scan) 2 Gauss line contained within enclosure 18-26 oC 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 11.8 x 11.0 x 19.2" 30 x 28 x 49 cm 55 lbs/25kg For more information please visit: Or contact us directly: 1.855.NMReady sales@nanalysis.com ^0 @Nanalysis

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NMReady-60e - 2

TRAINING TOOL The NMReady-60e can easily address one of the most important components of teaching NMR – gaining access to an NMR spectrometer. Empower students at any level to develop their experimental skills by incorporating hands-on access to NMR directly in your laboratory class. Fast data acquisition – get high quality NMR spectra in as little as 4 seconds! Prepare samples in standard 5mm NMR tubes Load & manipulate parameters for many NMR experiments (e.g., 1D, COSY, JRES, T1, T2) Personally acquire & process NMR spectra Monitor & assess reaction completeness Determine purity and/or...

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