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better learning together At Nasco Education, we are all about helping educators find solutions to the challenges they face every day. Through inventive ways to configure and customize solutions for educators, our goal is to create a community based on trust, that simplifies the search, stretches budgets a little farther, and provides a destination where teachers can feel valued…a community where we can help each other...a place where we feel like we belong. Become a part of our community. Connect with those on a quest for lifelong learning who have a desire to discover and achieve more....

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Nasco is a proud supporter and preferred vendor of Healt h Education Maintaining a healthy body is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. At Nasco, we understand that you are striving to teach your students how to make positive choices to ensure a lifetime of good health. The items in this catalog have been selected to help students realize that not only do they have a choice as to how they wish to live their lives, but that each choice has a consequence. Students have the opportunity to safely explore the consequences of choices such as whether to drink and drive, experiment with drugs, or...

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DRUGS & ALCOHOL education In a world where opioids are prevalent, binge drinking is in the news, and vaping is the latest fad, it’s never been more important to ensure students understand the risks of using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. BioQuest® Inflatable Lungs Comparison Kits Gr. 6+ Demonstrate the effects of prolonged smoking. View the differences in color and texture of smoker’s and non-smoker’s lungs. DVD sold separately. Single Display Comparison Kit. Includes an inflation rack and tray, air pump, 1 pair each of normal inflatable swine lungs and Simulated Smoker’s Lungs, and a section...

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After 4 Cigarettes BioQuest ' 1 Obraw Ourtton Mmmu It** PnMk* After 1 Cigarette After 15 Cigarettes Sponge Lungs Demonstration Kit An excellent visualization of how the appearance of the lungs changes due to smoking. Use to “smoke” 1, 4, and 15 cigarettes during 3 separate class periods. 1" x 10" x 1". Sh. wt. 0.56 lbs. LF01135G191 - $36.00 For a complete selection of tobacco products, go to BioQuest® Inflatable Lungs Kit Gr. 6+ Demonstrates the touch and feel of a swine lung, which is very similar to a human lung. Show how lungs work by inflating and deflating them with...

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DRUGS & ALCOHOL Smoked Lung Model Model of right lung with emphysema and cancer. When top is opened, a grayish-white, fibrous-feeling cancer is revealed. BIOLIKE™ synthetic tissue. 5" x 9" x 4". Sh. wt. 3.75 lbs. SB23381G191 — $167.95 A. Death of a Lung Model Cast from real specimens to illustrate effects of smoking on lungs. 1st model shows the way normal lung tissue looks in a nonsmoker’s body. 2nd model depicts the way tissue from an emphysematous lung appears. 3rd model is of cancer of the lung. 9" x 12". Sh. wt. 5 lbs. SB23236G191 — $134.95 B. Normal Lung Model A full-size, cut-away...

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DRUGS & ALCOHOL Tobacco Ingredients Display Giant Cigarette Model Gr. 3+ When you pull the long gray fabric Associates toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke with common and grossly unappealing substances. 2-sided tent card can be used with either adult or child viewers. 24¾" x 4½". Sh. wt. 3.50 lbs. SB34579G191 — $168.95 “smoke” from realistic-looking ash on the 36" “cigarette,” it becomes a banner that lists 100 poisonous chemicals contained in cigarette smoke. A reproducible handout of the poisons is included. Sh. wt. 3.50 lbs. SB27164G191 — $99.95 Puffing Poison Tank: A Secondhand Smoke...

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Each of these models shows the dangerous and gross consequences of smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco, including “hairy tongue,” leukoplakia, tongue cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, and lip cancer. DRUGS & ALCOHOL Smoker’s Mouth Displays Giant Mr. Gross Mouth™ Display. Giant hand- painted model has a 4" W cancerous tongue made of realistic BIOLIKE 2™ material and jar of tobacco to make tobacco juice. Wooden base. 9" x 12" x 6". Sh. wt. 6.50 lbs. SB27166G191 — $199.95 Small Mr. Gross Mouth™ Display. Hinged model of teeth, tongue, and oral cavity is 3 times normal size and...

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DRUGS & ALCOHOL Death Breath™ Display Gr. 7+ Scare the “smell” out of smokers. Designed to give tobacco users a whiff of their own malodorous mouths, the display delivers an atomic blast of the most wretched odor each time he exhales. So powerful is his “smoker’s breath” that it will prompt an about-face in people’s attitudes toward tobacco use. 10" x 201⁄2" x ½". Sh. wt. 7 lbs. SB50028G191 — $221.95 SHOW THE EFFECTS OF UNHEALTHY CHOICES Smokey Sue Smokey Sue Smokes for 2 As Smokey Sue smokes, smoke passes through a lifelike model of a 7-month fetus. Then tars and nicotine collect at the...

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Shisha or Hookah Smoking Display Tackles the myths surrounding Shisha or hookah smoking head-on. Designed around a shisha pipe and a protective case, background explains the health impacts of shisha smoking and compares them to cigarette smoking. Informative and eye-catching, the display is a great way to generate discussion on this much misunderstood type of tobacco use. Measures 305/i6M x 17%" when open. Sh. wt. 8 lbs. SB52333G191 - $309.95 Smokeless Tobacco Folding Display & Case Set Describes oral conditions, diseases, and additional dangers from smokeless tobacco. Made with bookbinding...

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DRUGS & ALCOHOL Tobacco What Mommy Does, Baby Does™ Display Tobacco Industry’s Poster Child Gr. 5+ Detailed poster visually shows all the harmful effects tobacco has on looks and health. 25" x 12". Sh. wt. 0.19 lbs. SB39918G191 — $11.95 Gr. 7+ 16-page booklet and 12" x 17" flip chart (6 panels) contains medical photography that shows the results of smoking in a unique and graphic way. Sh. wt. 3 lbs. SB23390G191 — $107.95 Interactive display illustrates the devastating consequences for babies growing inside pregnant women that use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Features a pregnant mom with a...

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