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Advanced Breast Exam Simulator Instruction Manual Life/form Products by Nasco

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About the Simulator Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women; a properly performed manual examination is an important way of detecting cancer at an early, more treatable, stage. The Nasco Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator offers unparalleled realism for teaching both clinical and self-breast examination. Tumors of varying sizes, shapes, and densities can be inserted by the instructor for an expanded combination of training scenarios. The torso is correctly positioned in the supine position and allows access to both axillae. The trainer features palpable...

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3. Do not allow the outer skin to contact any inks or printed material; these will cause indelible stains. 5. External examinations should be practiced with the overlay skin in place. If desired, the skin may be removed and the breast tissue palpated directly for the most sensitive tumor differentiation. (See figure 3.) Care of the Simulator 1. The breast inserts are soft and lifelike and must be handled with care. Finger pressure in excess of that which would be used on a real patient may damage the trainer. Long fingernails may also tear the material. 2. All components of the trainer may...

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Adult Injectable Arm (White) Male Catheterization Female Catheterization Prostate Examination Ostomy Care Surgical Bandaging Enema Administration Pediatric Injectable Arm Intramuscular Injection Breast Examination Arterial Puncture Arm Pediatric Injectable Head First Aid Arm Intradermal Injection Arm Heart Catheterization (TPN) Ear Examination Peritoneal Dialysis Suture Practice Arm Suture Practice Leg Spinal Injection Hemodialysis Practice Arm Episiotomy Suturing Set Suture Kit Pelvic, Normal & Abnormal Stump Bandaging, Upper Stump Bandaging, Lower Cervical Effacement Birthing Station...

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