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Breast Examination Simulator LF00984U Instruction Manual

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We wish to acknowledge the Breast Cancer Detection program at Tucson, Arizona; and Mary E. Pautz, R.N., M.P .H., Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, for their guidance in the design of this Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator. used to simulate the breast mass. As you depress the mass, it displaces laterally to give realistic sensation. About the Simulator The Life/form® Breast Examination Simulator allows you to demonstrate proper techniques for breast examination in private or in group session and enables a woman to practice self-examination...

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General Instructions for Use The Life/form® Breast Exam Simulator may be used with or without the adjustable straps. Fasten upper straps around neck and lower (longest) straps around waist. Adjust the buckles so that the simulator lies comfortably in a natural position for breast self-exam. Procedures That Can Be Performed A. Demonstrate Proper Technique Use model to demonstrate to the student or patient the proper method of palpating the breast. Have the student or patient practice the palpation techniques on the breasts while supervised to ensure that the examination is performed...

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