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65% of the craniotomies are due to TUMOUR RESECTION CAN CRANIAL LOOP BENEFIT ONCOLOGY PATIENTS ? Postoperative radiotherapy serves as an additional treatment for oncology patients. NEOS Surgery understands not only intraoperative needs, but also those during the follow-up process and subsequent treatment. Cranial LOOP is the first cranial fixation device made of PEEK-OPTIMA™, a polymer that offers enhanced benefits in the management of these patients’ clinical needs. CHALLENGES WITH TITANIUM IMPLANTS ARTIFACTS Titanium implants represent an obstacle for accurate radiotherapy planning and delivery due to the artifact effect2. These metal implants can affect target treatment efficiency due to over or underdosing of adjacent healthy tissues.2,3 POST-OPERATIVE RADIATION This can lead to a reduction of skin thickness over the metallic material which can be associated in some cases with an increased risk of scalp ulcer.4,5 Artifact in a post-surgical CT scan with metal implant " Metal implants cause artifacts that distort images and lead to an increase in secondary electrons, affecting sorrounding healthy tissues. Medical dosimetrits are carefully conscious of metal implants to adjust treatment doses for optimal results." DR. SOTO, SPECIALIST IN ONCOLOGY RADIOTHERAPY FROM HOSPITAL DE LA SANTA CREU I SANT PAU, BARCEL

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PRECISION MATTERS PEEK polymer-based Cranial LOOP minimizes imaging artifacts, ensuring clarity in radiotherapy planning and monitoring. OPTIMIZED RADIOTHERAPY Benefit from a more accurate radiotherapy delivery, preventing interference or dosing issues commonly associated with metallic implants. POST-RADIOTHERAPY SKIN CHANGES 100% artifact-free post-surgical CT scan with Cranial LOOP implanted " Patients experience hair loss and long-term skin changes during post-radiotherapy care. They are more sensitive to any foreign implant and they frequently complain about bulges & protrusions caused...

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