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Brain Activity Measuring and Modulating Brand-new and Unique EEG measurement during tACS and tRNS with the new DC-STIMULATOR PLUS and the NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES neuroConn's full-band EEC system NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES measures EEC-signals during TMS (transcranial magnet stimulation) or tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation). This system now also measures undisturbed EEC signals during an oscillating neuro-stimulation with small alternating currents, known as tACS (transcranial alternating current stimulation) or tRNS (transcranial random noise stimulation). This is realized with an innovative and unique hard- and software that removes stimulation-induced noise from the EEC signal online and in real time. About tACS-EEG tACS-EEG is a non-invasive and painless method to evaluate the modulation of cortical oscillatory brain activity and cerebral plasticity simultaneously with stimulation. Latest investigations in neuroscience provide a wide area of research topics for tACS-EEG like: ■ the modulation of oscillatory brain activity at a specific frequency, ■ studying interactions between EEC rhythms of different frequencies, ■ frequency tuning of cortical areas for optimal TMS, ■ gaining knowledge on brain oscillations for basic science and for therapeutic application. Moving thought

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Top: tACS-EEG (left) and tRNS-EEG (right) without correction. The stimulation signal overlays the EEG. Bottom: Corrected tACS-EEG (left) and tRNS-EEG (right) after online elimination of stimulation-induced noise. neuroConn technology for tACS-EEG The new generation of neuroConn's DC-STIMULATOR PLUS can be delivered with the optional SIGNAL OUT module, which provides a galvanically isolated reference signal. A cable transfers the reference signal from the signal output of the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS to the EEG amplifier of the NEURO PRAX®TMS/tES. We reserve the right to make changes and 08/15...

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