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Recommended publications Technical Specifications Enobio 32 With high dynamic resolution & sampling rate, Enobio® is one of the most precise systems in its class. Time frequency analysis with scalp and cortical display during EEG acquisition. Easy set-up In just a few minutes, prepare your EEG recording of up to 32 channels. Enobio® offers handy gel, solidgel and dry electrode solutions, ready for your application. Sampling rate Dynamic range Measurement noise Input impedance Operating time — WiFi communication Operating time — MicroSD recording Operating time — USB communication Available electrodes Dry (Drytrode) Maidan, Inbal, et al., Changes in event-related potentials during dual task walking in aging and Parkinson's disease. Clinical Neurophysiology (2019) Villafaina, Santos, et al., Electroencephalographic response of chess players in decision-making processes under time pressure. Physiology & Behavior (2019) Babiker, Areej, et al., EEG in classroom: EMD features to detect situational interest of students during learning. Multimedia Tools and Applications (2019) Bertomeu-Motos, Arturo, et al., User activity recognition system to improve the performan ce of environmental control interfaces: a pilot study with patients. Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation (2019) Dehais, Frédéric, et al., Monitoring pilot’s mental workload using ERPs and spectral power with a six-dry-electrode EEG System in real flight conditions. Sensors (2019) Villafaina, Santos, et al., Effects of Exergames on Brain Dynamics in Women with Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Clinical Medicine (2019) Enobio ® EEG systems. Wireless medical grade systems for high precision EEG monitoring Semi-dry (NG Geltrode with Solidgel) Wet (NG Geltrode with gel) Record up to 20 hours on an SD card, open for integrations with other physiologic sensors. Family products comparison Enobio 32 Multiple electrodes designed to match your Set-up requirements NG Geltrode with gel EEG monitoring in clinical applications Brain development research NG Geltrode with Solidgel Drytrode © neuroelectrics / anaclapes.com Mobile brain imaging Brain computer interfaces Neurofeedback applications Application development with SDK Consumer neuroscience research FDA Cleared CE Medical Device Service Warranty 2 years standard / 5 years GOLD Consulting service of Starlab, our exclusive partner leading in applied neuroscience. Customer Service Free lifetime customer support + one-on-one expert assistance. * Based on your research goal or application the final selection may be different Screwable electrode applicable in wet and semi-dry setups. Clean semi-dry EEG disposable compatible with NG Geltrode. Dry electrode for robust quick and clean setups. US Office in BOSTON. 210 Broadway, Suite 201. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. EUROPE Office in BARCELONA. Av. Tibidabo 47 bis. 08035, Barcelona. Spain. Tel.+34 93 254 03 66 info@neuroelectrics.com Wireless medical grade systems for high precision EEG monitoring Medical diagnostics User affective state Brain Computer Interfaces Neurosc

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Fully Integrative Platform & Service for Brain Research. Enobio® is our wireless and powerful, easy-to-use EEG system that is ready for basic and advanced research. Welcome to the next generation of precise recording EEG devices with 8, 20 and 32 channels, with an intuitive user interface for real-time visualization of high resolution EEG data. Enobio® is CE medically certified in Europe and FDA-cleared in the US. Integrate stimuli software and EEG analytics libraries for effective Event Related Potentials (ERP) experiments. SDK Use Enobio APIs to integrate the raw EEG signals into your...

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