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Multi-channel and simultaneous tES-EEG with real-time remote supervision. Simple steps for your home study. Starstim®-Home technology covers the entire in-home investigation pipeline. Scaling your tCS research and increasing its clinical value with the in-home aspect has never been easier. The only solution for home-based brain stimulation and monitoring allowing researchers to control a patients data remotely and in real-time. 2. Recruit subjects and optionally apply first treatments in your clinic/lab 3. Train the subjects and their caregivers for Starstim-Home use in your clinic/lab or at subject’s home 4 5 4. Follow up treatment and collect compliance and questionnaire data via web dashboard and email 1. Plan your study and program tDCS, tACS or tRNS protocols US CAUTION: US Federal Law classifies Starstim-Home as an investigational device. Europe: Starstim-Home is classified as a research use only device. 5. Communicate remotely with the subjects as needed

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Key Features Optimized usability for home use All components are designed with usability, comfort and easy maintenance in mind. Your team has access to a secure storage of EEG recordings from before, during or after the home stimulation. Real remote access control The home device is available only during periods scheduled remotely by your team. Easy-to-use protocol design tools and optimization services allow application of tDCS, tACS and arbitrary waveforms at home. Real-time remote monitoring Your team is always up to date with real-time home event emails and access to impedance and...

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