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Starstim® tES-EEG system is our unique, all-in-one wireless system for simultaneous brain stimulation and monitoring. Welcome to the next generation of precise multi-focal tES-EEG devices with 8, 20 and 32 channels, with an intuitive user interface for protocols design and real-time visualizations. Starstim® is medically certified in Canada and South Korea. Complex tES investigations made simple. Leading the clinical evidence A renowned and trusted solution for pioneers in pain, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, stroke, rehabilitation, depression and addictive disorders research with tens of publications every year. Simultaneous Brain Stimulation and Monitoring ( tES-EEG ) High precision in your research Exclusive model-driven tES protocol optimizations and personalizations to maximize the effects of stimulation and accurately interpret the results of your experiment. All-in-one tES-EEG Leading the clinical evidence Freely customizable tES waveforms and montages allow for advanced investigations with simultaneous monitoring as well as closed-loop applications. All-in-one tES-EEG High precision in your research US CAUTION: E US Federal Law classifies Starstim as an investigational device. Europe: Starstim is classified as a research use only device.

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Starstim tES-EEG systems Modeling Services Exclusive model-driven tES protocol optimizations Powerful, mobile, wireless Multi-step tES-EEG protocols The only so light and portable multi-channel tES device with rechargeable batteries lasting up to 5 hours. Design the whole tES procedure with pre-, post- or simultaneous EEG and let the device do the rest. Easy set-up Despite complexity of traditional technology, our adult and child headsets can be set up in just a few minutes. Any tES waveform tDCS/tACS/tRNS, custom waveforms or temporal interference configurable for bipolar, 4x1, or on each...

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