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Starstim tES-EEG systems Modeling Services Exclusive model-driven tES protocol optimizations Powerful, mobile, wireless Multi-step tES-EEG protocols The only ultralight and portable multi-channel tES device with rechargeable batteries lasting up to 5 hours. Design the whole tES procedure with pre-, post- or simultaneous EEG and let the device do the rest. Easy set-up Despite complexity of traditional technology, our adult and child headsets can be set up in just a few minutes. Any tES waveform tDCS/tACS/tRNS, custom waveforms or temporal interference configurable for bipolar, 4x1, or on each of up to 32 channels. Cortical visualization of tES electric field At NE®, we develop advanced computational algorithms to provide you with a wide range of modeling services. With your inputs, our team of scientists will tailor them to your individual montage. Head model creation NE® electric field analytics Montage optimization: Stimweaver algorithm Recommended publications Sprugnoli, G., et al., Reduction of intratumoral brain perfusion by noninvasive transcranial electrical stimulation. Science Advances (2019) Neri, F. et al., A Novel tDCS Sham Approach Based on Model-Driven Controlled Shunting. Brain Stimulation (2019) Alekseichuk, Ivan, et al., Electric field dynamics in the brain during multi-electrode transcranial electric stimulation. Nature Communications (2019) Fischer, David B., et al., Multifocal tDCS targeting the resting state motor network increases cortical excitability beyond traditional tDCS targeting unilateral motor cortex. Neuroimage (2017) Antal, A., et al. Low intensity transcranial electric stimulation: safety, ethical, legal regulatory and application guidelines. Clinical Neurophysiology (2017) Ruffini, Giulio, et al., Optimization of multifocal transcranial current stimulation for weighted cortical pattern targeting from realistic modeling of electric fields. Neuroimage (2014) Starstim® tES-EEG systems. Unique and all-in-one solutions for wireless multi-channel brain stimulation and monitoring. EEG source localization: NE® cortical mapper State-of-the-art visualizations of how your protocol’s current will be distributed in the brain. Dagan, Moria, et al., Multitarget transcranial direct current stimulation for freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease. Movement Disorders (2018) Proprietary hybrid & sponge electrodes Handy hybrid tES-EEG Ag/AgCl electrodes as well as sponges in the size of your choice. Family products comparison Hi-Tech Applications Complex network stimulation Bipolar / 4x1 / HD tDCS tACS with in-phase/anti-phase montage EEG-tES closed loop Multi-channel tES-MRI experiment tES-EEG-fNIRS experiment Service Warranty 2 years standard / 5 years GOLD Modeling Services Exclusive personalized model-driven montage optimizations. Customer Service Free lifetime customer support + one-on-one expert assistance US Office in BOSTON. 210 Broadway, Suite 201. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. EUROPE Office in BARCELONA. Av. Tibidabo 47 bis. 08035, Barcelona. Spain. Tel.+34 93 254 03 66 Unique and all-in-one solutions for wireless multi-channel brain stimulation and monitoring

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Starstim® tES-EEG system is our unique, all-in-one wireless system for simultaneous brain stimulation and monitoring. Welcome to the next generation of precise multi-focal tES-EEG devices with 8, 20 and 32 channels, and an intuitive user interface for protocol design and real-time visualizations. A perfect solution for double-blinded studies. Complex tES research made simple. Leading the clinical evidence A renowned and trusted solution for pioneers in pain, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, stroke, rehabilitation, depression and addictive disorders research with numerous publications every year....

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