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Neusoft Medical Systems Neusoft Park, Hunnan Industrial Area, New & High-Tech Development Zone Shenyang 1101 79, P. R. China E-mail NEUSOFT MEDICAL SYSTEMS

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The demand for more accurate diagnostic procedures is continually on the rise. Healthcare institutions and physicians are being pressured to produce more efficient diagnoses. In order to meet future healthcare demands, Neusoft has developed the cost-effective NeuViz 16, 16-slice computed tomography scanner. The NeuViz 16 provides premier patient care while simultaneously lowering costs. NeuViz16 offers multi-detector capabilities with maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

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• Provides cost-effective patient care. • Reliable performance. • Low environmental costs including minimal space requirements and optimum energy efficiency. • Friendly tool bar and graphical user interface • Effortless patient data input, intuitive registration and straightforward clinical procedure selection. • Automatic workflow as necessary and whenever possible.

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Technical Features Dynamic Focal Spot enables premier spatial resolution during axial and spiral scanning reconstruction data samples which produce a more detailed Newly designed detector optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio and clinical scan time, creating a higher resolution. Protocols of NeuViz 16 help reduce the cumulative risk of radiation while obtaining the high-quality images. Features within DoseRight include: Automatic Current Selection, DoseRight Dose Modulation, and dedicated pediatric protocols.

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Clinical Benefits Provides visually enhanced 2D and 3D images

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Exceptionally Compact Design Remote Service Capabilities The NeuViz 16 smaller than average footprint fits in the same space as many single-slice systems. The footprint only requires a minimum room size of 11.5ft.X16.5ft. • Remote service package continuously links your NeuViz 16 directly to an online service center. • By proactively observing your system, deviations can be detected at once to prevent any further damages from occurring. • The remote service package provides ease of mind. We want you to know that your NeuViz 16 is not only running at maximum performance, but that it is...

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