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Neusoft Medical Systems Neusoft Park, Human Industrial Area, New & High-Tech Development Zone ShenYang 110179, P.R.China Tel: (86 24) 8366 5681 Fax: (86 24) 2378 2797 E-mail: NEUSOFT MEDICAL SYSTEMS MRI SYSTEM

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NAM-P023A - 2

• Reliability of a 0.23 Tesla C-type Permanent Magnet • Large magnet openness • Requires minimal floor space,5 GS line 2m • Exceptional performance-to-price ratio • Excellent return on investment • Standard with MRA,MRCP,DIXON,EPI, respiratory gating rect FOV ,and much ,much more • Multi-channel, phase array coil technology • Simplified user interface for quick patient set-up • Maximum patient throughput

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NAM-P023A - 3

Open magnet Phased Array Muti-Channel Receiving Coils NAM-P023A(HQ) is permanent magnet so no cryogens and no complicated cooling system are required. Eddy current free and least remanence Slew rate 47m/m/ms with extremely low scanning noise, it's not unusual for patients using the Neusoft NAM-P023A(HQ) MRI to report falling asleep during their procedure. Output power: 6KW Phased array platform Embedded preamplifiers in each receiving coil SNR of phased array coil can be improved by about 100% than QD coil.

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NAM-P023A - 5

Lumbar Spine Tuberculosis A: T2WITSE Scan time is 4 min 54 sec with free breath. B: T1 Wl TSE Scan time is 3 min 30 sec with free breath. C: Fat Suppression IR-TSE Scan time is 4 min 38 sec with free breath Small round stones inside the gall bladder and the cortex of right kidney revealed clearly . The advanced MAS (motion artifact suppression) and selective IR technology guarantee the excellent fat suppression uniformity over the entire field of view. A: T2WI TSE Scan time is 5 min 2 sec. B: T1 Wl TSE Scan time is 5 min 2 sec. C: Fat Suppression IR-TSE Scan time is 4 min 24 sec 4 channel...

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NAM-P023A - 6

Patient Couch-most Comfortable for Patients • Detachable from magnet • Truly open design:wider and flatter couch • Maximum patient load: 200Kg • Easier and more convenient for patient positioning Remote Service System High Computer Configuration • HP XW8400 XP workstation • Based on Windows XP • Fast Recon Speed: 500 images/sec • Higher configuration —main memory: 3G —hard disc: 160G • Parallel processing —acquisition,reconstruction,reviewing and post-processing simultaneously • Dynamic Imaging • Contrast Dynamic Imaging • Flow Compensation • Limited Bandwidth,Optimized Bandwidth,Enhanced...

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