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NeuStar - 1

X-Ray Radiography System Neusoft Medical Systems Neusoft Park. Hunnan Industrial Area, New & High-Tech Development Zone Shenyang 110179, P. R. China Tel: (86 24) 8366 7009 Fax: (86 24) 2378 2797 X-Ray Radiography System Neusoftf Beyond Technology ™

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NeuStar - 2

Neustar X-Ray Radiography System Professional Convenient • Everything is designed specially for clinical user. • Large-scale geometry movement can satisfy radiographic examination of the whole body without need to reposition patients. • Collimator rotation range is plus minus 45, which is convenient for emergency treatment. • Long rail designed to assure tube can be moved to the height below the table. With bucky tray, it is easy to finish lower limbs radiography. • 90 degree column rotation enables exposure at horizontal position. • 180 degree column rotation enables exposure with optional...

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