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Neusoft Medical Systems Neusoft Park, Hunnan Industrial Area, New & High-Tech Development Zone Shenyang 110179, P.R.China Tel: (86 24) 8366 7009 Fax: (86 24) 2378 2797 E-mail: NeuViz Single Slice CT Scanner System Fully realize your diagnostic potential Neusoftf Beyond Technology ™

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Maximizing your return on investment Medical Products & e-Hospital Solutions Neusoft designers have incorporated innumerable features into NeuViz to bring new level of image quality, simplicity and reliability to CT imaging, improving outcomes and productivity, maximizing your return on investment.

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NeuViz benefits from Neusoft latest achievements in CT technology that leads to clearer diagnoses, faster exams, and higher dose efficiency. Maximum rotation speed of 0.8 second* makes it possible to complete a brain study in 10 seconds and a thorax scan in a single breath hold, realizing high-speed, motion-free imaging scanning. 0.8 mm slice thickness* realizes isotropic imaging, optimizes image quality of coronary / sagittal reconstruction and 3D reconstruction. 0.9 second* reconstruction, allowing almost real-time display of current examination.

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NeuViz - 4

The NeuViz technology and design with its small and efficient gantry, developed and launched in 2007, has many advantages compared to bulky gantries that were designed years ago. DoseSaved Technology calculates and regulates radiation dose required for difference anatomic regions and minimizes X-ray radiation without compromise in Image quality. Based on a 1,000 patient study we achieved up to more than 50% dose reduction in comparision with fixed mA while maintaining excellent image quality. Artifacts Reduction Technology Beam Hardening Compensation Motion Artifact Reduction Volume...

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NeuViz - 5

Outstanding Performance Multi-Planar Reconstruction Curved Multi-Planar Reconstruction Maximum/Minimum Intensity Projection 3D- Surface Shaded Display Volume Rendering Virtual Endoscopy Pediatric Protocols* Bolus Timing CT-Angiography Brain Perfusion* Delivers quantifiable brain perfusion results to evaluate acute or chronic stroke patient. Capable of evaluating perfusion to improve the ability to characterize known lesions. Dental CT* Enables fast display and assessment of teeth and jaw structures in true anatomical size. Assist oral surgeons in planning implantation of prostheses. Bolus...

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NeuViz - 6

Outstanding Performance Unique Applications UroCARE UroCARE, an excellent specialized post-processing workstation of CT images for urologists and physicians, provides flexible image viewing styles and various observation and measurement tools. Therefore, users can view multi-series of CT scanned images conveniently, and meanwhile conduct the image measurements and analysis. Moreover, special designed modules, CT KUB and high-density ROI analysis with creditable post-processing methods, can greatly help physicians to detect the stones in the urinary system. Moreover, it provides a innovative...

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NeuViz - 7

Cost Saving Maintenance by Neusoft and Distributors Through service excellence, flexible solutions and effective relationships, we optimize your clinical and financial results, and give you the support you need to succeed in today’s complexe healthcare environment. Cost Saving • 17m2 space requirement • 1-2 days installation • High uptime • Low energy consumption With modern system design and efficient supporting processes, NeuViz establishes a new level of cost-effectiveness in the market.The breakeven point of NeuViz can be reached in a short period of time with only a few patients per...

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NeuViz Single Slice CT (L) configuration NeuViz Single Slice CT (H) configuration Technical Specification High-quality CT Scanner Tube Capacity HV Generator Reconstruction speed mA range GOS Detector Rotation speed Software Options Pediatric protocols yes* DoseSaved yes Bolus Tracking yes* Brain perfusion yes* Service Package Build-in remote service Pediatric protocols DoseSaved Dental CT Bolus Tracking Brain perfusion • * optional • The appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. • The content in this brochure is based upon typical sites and may...

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