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Neusoft Medical Systems Neusoft Park, Hun Nan Industrial Area, New & High-Tech Development Zone Shenyang 110179, P.R.China E-mail: NEUSOFT MEDICAL SYSTEMS

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Open MRI Horizon Expanded Largest magnet High-field technologies Prompt Neusoft network Phased array platform

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Permanent Open Magnet Largest opening: open on four sides Maximum patient comfort and acceptance New & unique technologies produce high homogeneity and stable magnetic field Eddy current free and lest remanence Good cooperation from patients Better image quality Save scan time more patients Increase throughput Correct diagnosis Excellent return Powerful Gradient System High field technology Gradient field strength: 26mT/m Noise reduction technology Unique water cooling technology Higher Computer Configuration Higher reconstruction speed Larger storage capacity Powerful and stable...

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Phased Array Multi-Channel Receiving Coils Comprehensive Workflow Improvement Dedicated scan packages for different body parts and various patients Abundant application functions for diagnostic requirements Unique scan-card design and default protocols making daily operation easier and faster Capability for radiologists to establish local protocols for acquiring desired images Unique Sequence Technology SIMEX; SLINKY; BATCH; KEYHOLE REST; GATE Inbuilt artifact reduction technology Advanced acquisition and reconstruction technology

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A Wealth of Experience in Clinical Applications

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A Wealth of Experience in Clinical Applications

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A Wealth of Experience in Clinical Applications

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Case Study Helping doctors perform fast, accurate diagnosis Giant cell tumor MRI revealed an irregular shape mass with well-defined border in the lateral side of distal end of left femur, T1 Wl is middle low signal intensity and T2WI is slightly high signal intensity, and more hypo-intensity dots can be seen inside the mass. PD is middle signal. IRTSE is high signal intensity, around the mass there is slightly edema. Neurogenic tumor of foramen magnum A 7 years old girl can't walk steadily A mass around the foramen magnum area is found after MRI scanning, it is a abnormal shape mass which...

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Installation Requirements Scan Room Typical Layout Comprehensive and Prompt After-Sales Service • Professional site design, installation, testing and maintenance provided by Neusoft experienced engineers • On-site operation training and clinical application training • Periodic visits from Neusoft factory-trained MR field engineers • Remote online technical and application support • Neusoft Parts depot stocks spare parts for local support High Return on Investment - A Partner • Stronger and stable performance • Higher patient volume resulting from higher scanning speed ■ Less investment...

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