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With a non sterile standard kit Calling on medical staff Complex traceability Suppliers’ deadline Bulky storage Prevents an effective solution & a quick response Defective sterilization Damaged instrumentation INCREASED RISKS NON OPTIMAL surgery URGENT SURGICAL CASES COMPROMISED

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Controlled stocks Simplified control Cleaning Decontamination Sterilization An effective solution & a quick response Availab le wh en n eeded Sundry READY-TO-USE FOR SURGERY Optimized handling of URGENT SURGICAL CASES Optimized storage with state-of-the-art implants

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Safety: The Initial F™ Lapidus kit is fully traceable and has a shelf life of 5 years. Its instrumentation and implants are “always new” and have never been opened or used before. Available when needed: The Initial F™ Lapidus kit comes presterilized and ready to use. The combination of sterile implants and single use instrumentation in a single packaging makes Initial F™ Lapidus ideal for use in urgent surgical cases. Initial F™ Lapidus kit can be easily stored in the operating room because of its small size. Costs: Initial F™ Lapidus is a cost-effective solution. The additional costs...

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Initial F™ - Lapidus kit Kit content The implants of the Inital F™ - Lapidus range are intended for arthrodeses, fractures and osteotomies fixation and revision surgeries of the foot in adults. • Serious vascular deterioration, bone devitalization. • Pregnancy. • Acute or chronic local or systemic infections. • ack of musculo-cutaneous cover, severe vascular deficiency affecting the concerned area. L • nsufficient bone quality preventing a good fixation of the implants into the bone. I • uscular deficit, neurological deficiency or behavioral disorders, which could submit the implant to...

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Initial F™ - Lapidus Kit Technical features P late for the plantar Lapidus arthrodesis Dynamic compression Examples of applications: osteoarthritis, functional deformities. C ompression screw Medial cuneiform bone The compression screw is inserted through the joint providing stability to the assembly. The Ø4.0 mm cannulated headed screws (H1.4QT4.0Lxx-ST) are available seperately on request in sterile version. The available range is from 26 mm to 48 mm with an incremental of 2 mm. Reaction force due to contact with the ground P lantar positioning of the plate The positioning minimizes...

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Instrumentation - Technical features 2 -in-1 instrument: screwdriver and countersink T 8 quick coupling screwdriver The 2-in-1 instrument and the T8 quick coupling screwdriver can be used with the handle and the power tool. In the latter case, it is recommended to finalize the screwing by hand. To release the 2-in-1 instrument or the T8 quick coupling screwdriver from the handle, press the button (a). Handle for guide gauge Before performing the drilling into the oblong hole, snap the handle for guide gauge on the Ø2.7 mm threaded guide gauge. Handle for guide gauge

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Initial F™ - Lapidus kits Surgical technique Example: surgical technique with a size 1 plate (KITLV1D-CQ4.0). 1. nsert the Ø1.3 mm pin transversally I from the 1st metatarsal to the first cuneiform. Connect the handle to the 2-in-1 instrument and slide it along the Ø1.3 mm pin and widen the surface of insertion using the countersink part of the 2-in-1 instrument. Then, slide the length gauge along the Ø1.3 mm pin to determine the length of the screw using the marking on the Ø1.3 mm pin. 2. Drill to prepare the screw insertion. The drilling depth can be checked using the marking on the drill...

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Initial F™ - Lapidus kit - 11

INITIAL F™ - LAPIDUS KITS - INSTRUMENTATION CONTENT STERILE INSTRUMENTATION FOR PLANTAR LAPIDUS PLATE 02.7 mm quick coupling drill bit - L 125 mm 1 02.7 mm threaded guide gauge for 03.5 mm screws 1 Length gauge for 02.8 and 3.5 mm screws - L8-40 mm 1 T8 quick coupling screwdriver 1 Handle for guide gauge 1 STERILE INSTRUMENTATION FOR 04.0 MM CANNULATED SCREWS * 2 in 1: 2.5 mm hexagonal screwdriver - 06.0 mm countersink 1 02.9 mm drill bit - cannula 1.4 mm - L 120 mm - AO 04.5 mm quick 1 INITIAL F™ - LAPIDUS KITS - IMPLANTS CONTENT

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Initial F™ - Lapidus kits References Additional implants Sterile screws packaged in the Supplemental sterile screw caddy NON LOCKING SCREWS - 03.5 mm* Ref. Description Qty RLT3.5L10-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 10 mm - STERILE 1 RLT3.5L12-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 12 mm - STERILE 1 RLT3.5L14-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 14 mm - STERILE 1 RLT3.5L16-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 16 mm - STERILE 1 RLT3.5L18-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 18 mm - STERILE 1 RLT3.5L20-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 20 mm - STERILE 1 RLT3.5L22-ST Non locking screw - 03.5mm - L 22 mm -...

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Left foot Lapidus arthrodesis Plantar - Narrow - Size 1 Instruments for Lapidus plate NEWCLIP TECHNICS PA de la Lande Saint Martin 45 rue des Garottières, France Tél. : +33 (0)2 28 21 23 25 - Fax : +33 (0)2 40 63 68 37 Instruments for cannulated screws* NEWCLIP USA 642 Larkfield Center Santa Rosa CA 95403, USA Phone: +1 707 230 5078 NEWCLIP GmbH Pröllstraße 11 D-86157 Augsburg, Deutschland Phone : +49 (0)821 650 749 40 LAPIDUS NEWCLIP Australia Forest...

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