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GiANO HR - 1

CEFLA s.c. Via Selice Provinciale 23/a • 40026 Imola • Italy t. +39 045 8202727 • 045 583500 Stabilimento Plant According to the standards in force, in extra-EU areas the availability and specifications of some products and/or characteristics may vary. Please contact your local distributor for further information. Pictures are for illustration purpose only. BU Medical Equipment Sede legale ed amministrativa Headquarters NewTom GiANO HR PERFECT.VISION UNLIMITED DIAGNOSTIC POTE

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GiANO HR - 2

THE COMPLETE HYBRID CBCT FOR 2D/3D IMAGING. HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES THAT CAPTURE THE SMALLEST DETAIL. FROM TODAY ALSO WITH DIRECT CONVERSION. GiANO HR is NewTom’s versatile and updatable device for all radiology-related needs. With a complete range of 2D and 3D examination options for dentistry, it offers specific multiple volumetric examinations for maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology and cervical spine examinations. Only top quality imaging with NewTom’s technology and experience

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GiANO HR - 3

PERFECT VISION. NewTom innovation and research for extremely detailed ultra-high quality images. Innovative technology and outstanding efficiency packed into a powerful, versatile device. GiANO HR ensures superb performance in every situation thanks to the dedicated 2D sensor, available today also as a direct conversion, relocatable sensor, the newconcept teleradiographic system and three easy-toupgrade 3D configurations that meet every need. The powerful NNT software provides specific instruments and interfaces for different diagnostic applications: data acquired during scanning can be...

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GiANO HR - 4

UNPARALLELED IMAGING. Amazing 3D FOV examinations and 2D protocols with a resolution among the highest available on the market. GiANO HR provides a wide range of 2D and 3D examinations that are ideal for diagnoses concerning either complete or partial dentition, single dental arches and all maxillofacial regions. 3D volumes with FOV from 4 x 4 cm and 16 x 18 cm and resolution up to 68 μm, the highest available on the market, allow to assess maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, temporomandibular joints, airways, the internal ear and the cervical spine. Top quality panoramic images enhanced by...

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GiANO HR - 5

REDEFINED 2D IMAGING. The last word in terms of 2D technology for a wide range of diagnostic applications, also with Direct Conversion Detector. CHILD PANORAMIC WITH LIMITED EXPOSURE MAXILLARY SINUSES WITH FRONT AND LATERAL PROJECTIONS LL OR PA TMJ WITH OPEN OR CLOSED MOUTH BITEWING HIRES GiANO HR is an extremely versatile device that offers detailed images and dedicated protocols for adults and children, studied to reduce patient exposure based on the actual needs of the investigation. Precise assessment of unerupted teeth, including fractures and bone irregularities, dental prostheses,...

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GiANO HR - 6

ULTRA HD 2D DIAGNOSTICS WITH ECO DOSE. With the Direct Conversion Detector, GiANO HR brings the most advanced technology to each dental clinic. The direct conversion sensor can raise the bar of the already very high imaging quality of GiANO HR even further. Unlike traditional sensors, the Cadmium Telloride (Cd-Te) Direct Conversion Detector does not require the conversion of X-rays into visible light - as it is capable of sensing it directly and converting it into precise, accurate digital signals. In this way, extremely high resolution diagnostic images can be obtained at low X-rays doses,...

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GiANO HR - 7

2D TECHNOLOGY, PERFORMANCE AND PRECISION. Very high sensitivity 2D PAN-CEPH sensor sensor (now also with DCIII technology) and latest generation X-ray tube for clear and detailed examinations. A cutting edge acquisition system to obtain clear and homogeneous panoramic and cephalometric images in an extremely compact device. The latest generation X-ray tube, combined with the advanced highsensitivity CMOS sensors, offers cutting-edge, unique performance for the best image quality. GiANO HR is a fully upgradeable platform available both in standard configuration - with high definition sensor...

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GiANO HR - 8

3D APPLICATIONS FOR EVERY DIAGNOSTIC NEED. A broad range of FOVs for the best high resolution images available on the market, with augmented reality for positioning. GiANO HR generates volumes with a FOV range from 4 x 4 cm to 16 x 18 cm: accurate examinations for every diagnostic need. Wide choice of fields of view and execution modes for dedicated applications for endodontic, otorhinolaryngology and Head&Neck examinations, with resolution up to 68 μm, which is among the the highest available on the market. A patient monitoring system with video cameras and intercom on-board the machine...

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GiANO HR - 9

EXCEPTIONAL DIAGNOSTIC QUALITY. Modular, upgradeable, technologically advanced: GiANO HR is the perfect solution for every diagnostic need. GiANO HR has been developed on a modular platform that can be easily updated. The device is available in three configurations that make it the ideal choice for several specialist needs, ranging from dentistry to otorhinolaryngology, maxillofacial surgery and cervical spine examinations. Conceived by NewToms’ experience and advanced technological research, the high sensitivity 16-bit sensor is one of a kind. It has been specifically designed for GiANO HR...

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GiANO HR - 10

GUARANTEED EXCELLENT IMAGE QUALITY. Advanced characteristics for very high standard diagnosis. 3D volumes rich in details, ideal for any diagnostic need. The innovative image acquisition protocols of NewTom’s technological research guide the operator in making the most of GiANO HR’s advanced features. An easy, user-friendly interface to select the most appropriate examination mode. Three pre-set investigation protocols allow to effectively identify the most suitable image acquisition mode. aMAR FILTERS* The innovative aMAR (autoadaptive Metal Artifact Reduction) function is a proprietary...

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GiANO HR - 11

THREE CONFIGURATIONS TO MEET EVERY CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC NEED. NewTom is highly versatile with the choice of most suitable configuration for the diagnostic needs of the clinic or of the radiology practice. 3D Prime configuration is ideal for applications in general dentistry, implantology, endodontics, gnathology and general orthodontics. 3D Advanced configuration extends the potential to the fields of dentistry and otorhinolaryngology (ENT), including examination of upper airways. Professional 3D configuration allows access to a new dimension that includes applications for the entire...

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