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Fixed Stage Microscope for Electrophysiological Research ECLIPSE FN1 Fixed Stage Microscope for Electrophysiological Research

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Fixed Stage Microscope for Electrophysiological Research State-of-the-art Research Microscope Optimized for Observation and Analysis of in Vivo/in Vitro Nervous Activity Configuration with Narishige stage

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The Eclipse FN1 is a special purpose upright microscope developed to meet the rigorous demands of electrophysiological research. Never before has an electrophysiological microscope enabled visualization of minute details deep within a specimen with such clarity and contrast. The FN1 has a completely redesigned optical system that includes the world’s first water dipping objective with depth-induced aberration correction. Moreover, in combination with the new multiphoton confocal microscope system A1R MP+, high sensitivity deep in-vivo confocal images can be acquired at high speed....

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Eclipse FN1 - 4

Variable magnification double port New Objective Lenses Allow Imaging of Deeper Areas with Ultimate Clarity The true one-lens solution: LWD 16x objective By using a variable magnification double port (optional), the 16x objective allows you to capture images from a low magnification wide field at 5.6x to a high magnification high resolution at 64x with the rear port CCD camera*1 with the same lens. A wide viewfield of up to 2.0mm can be achieved at 0.35x intermediate magnification, enabling the observation of whole specimens and easy electrode placement. Variable magnification double port...

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Eclipse FN1 - 5

The world’s first water dipping objective with depth-induced aberration correction The Plan 100xW objective (NA 1.1, W.D. 2.5mm) is the world’s first water dipping lens with a correction ring. This ring corrects spherical aberration induced by imaging deep in tissue or by working at physiological temperatures — providing outstanding Z-axis resolution in IR-DIC imaging, as well as a tight point spread function for confocal applications. With excellent IR transmission, this lens is a terrific choice for Multi-Photon imaging. New objective series — ideal for IR-DIC imaging Axial chromatic...

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Eclipse FN1 - 6

Streamlined Electrophysiological Experiments and Broad Work Space Smoother objectives changeover The FN1 comes with a 2-position sliding nosepiece. A high magnification objective can be mounted on either the front or back position. Parfocal distance correction and centering mechanism The parfocal distance of both the front and rear objectives can be finely tuned to achieve perfect parfocality. The front objective has a centering mechanism, which ensures perfect parcentricity, making it simple to find your cell when switching to a higher magnification. Parfocal distance correction knob...

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Eclipse FN1 - 7

Simple wavelength/illumination switchover Alternating wavelength from visible to IR (infrared), or illumination technique from DIC and Oblique Light is carried out simply by rotating the wavelength selection and illumination selection turrets. Oblique illumination provides high contrast with deeper shadows by providing incident illumination at shallow angles. Observed under oblique illumination Waterproof LWD condenser with increased flexibility Nikon has developed a new LWD condenser that can easily be switched between brightfield, DIC, and Oblique Light illumination techniques by simply...

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Eclipse FN1 - 8

Enhanced Noise Reduction and High Responsiveness to a Broad Range of Experimental Needs Minimizing electronic noise Nikon has succeeded in significantly reducing electrical noise by utilizing fiber illumination to bring light into the microscope from outside the cage. Noise can be dramatically reduced by connecting ground pins to all main parts of the microscope. Ultimate vibration noise reduction Nikon has achieved both improved rigidity and vibration resistance for the FN1 body by undertaking critical measurement and simulation analysis of its structure. Nikon has succeeded in suppressing...

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Eclipse FN1 - 9

Accessories Exclusive ITS-FN1 stage and mover When Nikon and Narishige jointly developed the exclusive stage for the FN1, they placed priority on ease of use. The operator can easily sustain the stage in the horizontal position or switch the position of each pair of double magnet pillars and screwed pillars to suit individual experiments.With the microscope XY mover, it is possible to easily and precisely move to the region of interest by translating the whole microscope body in the X or Y axis direction. Manufactured by Narishige Co., Ltd. MT-1000 stage and mover The pillars of this fixed...

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Eclipse FN1 - 10

Accessories IR-DIC attachment IR-DIC allows the visualization of minute structure deep within thick tissue of up to 300 or 400µm. Extremely high quality DIC images can be obtained using the IR polarizing set (850-950 nm) with a dedicated IR-CCD camera for image detection. The IR-CCD camera in the photo is manufactured by Hamamatsu Photonics K. K. Digital measuring unit (FN-MS Magnet Scale) These electrophysiological manipulators realize stability and highly accurate and smooth operations. FN-MT magnification variable turret LV-TT2 Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube Offers flexibility in...

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Eclipse FN1 - 11

System Diagram ENG-mount TV Adapter ENG-mount TV Adapter 0.45x, 0.6x ENG-mount Zooming Adapter C-mount Zooming Adapter C-mount Camera ENG-mount Camera FX-III Series Photomicrographic System C-mount TV Adapter A C-mount Adapter 0.55x C-0.7x DXM Relay Lens C-mount TV Adapter VM2.5x LV-TV JAPAN C-TEP2 DSC Port for Ergonomic Binocular Tube C-TT Trinocular Tube T C-TE2 Ergonomic Binocular Tube C-Mount Camera FN-MT Mag. Variable Turret C-ISA Simple Analyzer FN-DP Mag. Variable Double Port 1 2 3 NI-FLT6 Epifluorescence 2 Cube Turret NI-FLEI EPI-Fluorescence Attachment CI-FL Epi-Fluorescence...

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Eclipse FN1 - 12

CFI60 and CFI75 infinity optical system I-shaped, external power supply Via nosepiece up/down movement Manual coaxial coarse/fine focus knobs (on both sides) FN-S2N Sliding Nosepiece (for CFI60 objectives) Front/back 2-position; DIC prism attachable FN-MN-N Single Objective Holder (for CFI75 objective) 1-position; DIC prism attachable CFI Plan 4x NA: 0.10, W.D.: 30.0*1 CFI Plan Fluor 10xW NA: 0.30, W.D.: 3.5 CFI75 LWD 16xW NA: 0.80, W.D.: 3.0 CFI Apo 40xW NIR NA: 0.80, W.D.: 3.5 CFI Apo 60xW NIR NA: 1.00, W.D.: 2.8 CFI Plan 100xW NA: 1.10, W.D.: 2.5, with correction ring Universal turret...

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