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Polarizing Microscopes ECLIPSE LV100N POL/Ci-POL Polarizing Microscopes

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 2

The highest level of optical quality, • The low-power-consumption 50W light source is brighter than a 100W lamp, and reduces heat-induced focus drift and energy consumption. • High-precision centerable nosepiece and stage with smooth, accurate movement. (LV100N POL only) • 30mm long focus stroke accepts tall samples. Reversed centering quintuple nosepiece Up to five objectives can be mounted and all objective positions are centerable. The DIN-compliant compensator slot accepts various compensators for qualitative or quantitative measurements. High-precision rotating stage The LV100N POL...

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 3

operability and stability for polarizing microscopy ECLIPSE LV100N POL (Diascopic illumination) ECLIPSE LV100N POL (Diascopic/Episcopic illumination) 3

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 4

Diascopic illumination type Outstanding optical performance, perfect for a wide variety of imaging applications and polarizing techniques Nikon has developed a high-intensity 50W halogen light source (with dedicated lamphouse) that provides greater brightness than a conventional 100W halogen light source. Brightness is increased by approximately 20 to 40% with objective magnifications of 50x and higher. This new light source consumes lower electrical power and generates very little heat, greatly reducing focus drift resulting from light source heat. • Microscope body is designed to realize...

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 5

Diascopic/Episcopic illumination type Diascopic/Episcopic illumination type Accomplishes advanced polarizing microscopy under both diascopic and episcopic illumination Both diascopic and episcopic polarizing observations are possible by mounting the LV-UEPI-N Universal Epi-illuminator. Switching the illumination technique is a simple operation*. The epi-illuminator uses a Nikon 12V50W light source that provides brighter illumination than a 100W lamp. The noise-terminator mechanism provides sharp images with high S/N ratios by eliminating stray light. With the optional universaltype...

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 6

 Optional Accessories for Polarizing Observations Attachable mechanical stage Senarmont compensator Berek compensator To improve microscopy efficiency, an attachable mechanical stage can be mounted on the rotating stage to rigidly hold and move the sample. Cross travel: 35 x 25 mm Min. increment: 0.1mm on the vernier Inserted into the intermediate tube. In addition to the standard use 1/4λ plate and a 546nm (1λ) tint plate (1st order red plate), a Senarmont compensator is also available as an option, for retardation measurements from 0 to 1λ. Inserted into the nosepiece slot, this...

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 7

System Diagram C-mount Camera C-mount Zooming Adapter F-mount Camera LV-LH50PC Precentered Lamphouse LV-UEPI-N Universal Epi-illumination Attachment (When combined with Ci-POL) P-CS Senarmont Compensator P-I Intermediate Tube LV-PO Polarizer J NI-LH Precentered Lamphouse P-CQ Quartz Wedge Compensator LV-UPO Polarizer Extension Cord TI-PS 100W Power Supply B P-N Centering Quintuple Nosepiece Berek Compensator P-AMH Attachable Mechanical Stage P-T Polarizer (for Ci-POL) CFI60 Objectives

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Eclipse LV100N-POL Ci-POL - 8

Specifications ECLIPSE LV100N POL ECLIPSE Ci-POL CFI60 infinity 12V-50W halogen lamp; 12V-50W DC transformer built-in; 6V-30W halogen lamp; 6V-30W transformer built-in; ND8, ND4 Diascopic/episcopic illumination changeover switch; Fly-eye lens; filters built-in NCB11, ND8 filters built-in; 12V-100W type optional Coaxial coarse/fine focus knob; Focus stroke: 30mm; Coaxial coarse/fine focus knob; Focus stroke: 30mm; Coarse: 14mm per rotation; Fine: 0.1mm; Coarse: 9.33mm per rotation; Fine: 0.1mm; Minimum reading: in 1µm increments Minimum reading: in 1µm increments 10x (F.O.V. 22mm) P-TT3...

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