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Eclipse Ni - 1

Upright Microscope ECLIPSE Ni Upright Microscope

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Eclipse Ni - 2

See the evolution The Ni series, the ultimate in upright biological microscope evolution, supports bioscience studies with enhanced basic performance and flexible system expandability. The newly developed CFI Plan Apochromat λ (lambda) series objectives are the key to the series’ optical performance. Nano Crystal Coat, with its ultra low refractive index, is employed for the first time in microscope objectives, providing brighter, high-resolution and high-contrast microscopy images. Nikon’s proprietary stratum structure, used and highly acclaimed for inverted research microscopes, is now...

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Eclipse Ni - 3

The Ni series microscopes meet all research demands These microscopes have three features: expandability of the system due to the stratum structure that enables optical paths in two tiers; superior optical performance, as represented by the Plan Apochromat λ series objectives; and high-speed motorized accessories. The Ni series is designed to meet the needs of all advanced bioscience and medical research. Immunology Cell biology Microbiology Pathology Neuroscience Drug discovery Cancer research Developmental biology Microscopy images courtesy of: (Left) Torsten Wittmann (Center) Michael W....

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Eclipse Ni - 4

Expandable system broadens application possibilities Multi-color fluorescent imaging (Ni-E) Photoactivation imaging (Ni-E/Ni-U) Multiphoton imaging (Ni-E) Demand for multi-color fluorescent imaging that uses newly developed fluorescent proteins and fluorescent reagents is constantly increasing. Nikon meets such needs with diverse functions and optical technologies. Research into the reactions and changes of stimulated cells has become popular in recent years. Multiphoton microscopy in which long excitation wavelengths are used to allow less-invasive imaging of ever deeper areas of Nikon...

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Eclipse Ni - 5

Simultaneous multichannel imaging (Ni-E/Ni-U) The Ni’s back port and the quadrocular tilting tube allow the user to acquire simultaneous, two-channel images on separate cameras. This feature is invaluable for applications such as FRET. Multiphoton microscopy in which long excitation wavelengths are used to allow less-invasive imaging of ever deeper areas of cells is gaining popularity. The design of the Ni-E model is optimized for multiphoton imaging in both optical and mechanical systems to meet the demands of today. ▌Objective dedicated to multiphoton imaging CFI75 Apochromat 25xW MP...

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Eclipse Ni - 6

Versatile microscopes meet all demands Manual and motorized models Ni-E provides fully motorized operations To meet diverse user demands for operability, system expandability and motorized control, Nikon provides two Ni series models. The Ni-U, which has compatibility with some motorized accessories, is the manual model suitable for high-quality image observation and digital imaging. The Ni-E is a fully motorized model that is efficient for experiments requiring comprehensive control of various devices, such as photoactivation units and confocal systems. Automatic adjustment with objective...

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Eclipse Ni - 7

Technologies supporting the Ni series Supreme optical performance As a light microscope manufacturer, Nikon has cultivated high technical capabilities and confidence. With its advanced technologies extending from optical glass production to lens design, fabrication, coating and processing, Nikon provides unsurpassed optical performance. High-performance objective lens Uniformly bright illumination Fluorescence noise elimination ・ CFI Plan Apochromat λ series The “fly-eye” lens is ideally suited to diascopic illumination optical systems. Uniform and bright illumination up to the viewfield...

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Eclipse Ni - 8

Ultimate ease, speed and clarity in imaging Digital imaging Digital Sight series digital cameras The Ni series can be controlled in conjunction with a Digital Sight series digital camera, facilitating effortless digital imaging. Images can be captured with a dedicated button on the microscope body, the touch panel on the camera control unit, or the software GUI on a PC, depending on your preference. A wide array of models with high sensitivity, high resolution, high speeds and faithful color reproduction are available to meet all research needs and purposes. ・ Image capture button ・...

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Eclipse Ni - 9

High-resolution confocal imaging systems Combining the Ni-E’s high-precision Z-focus mechanism with a confocal scanner allows high-resolution, high-S/N-ratio imaging of 3D structures of organs and cells. The Ni-E can be configured with either a focusing stage or a focusing nosepiece, catering to specific imaging requirements. Nikon offers a wide range of confocal systems that can accommodate various needs. + + ・ Multiphoton confocal microscope A1 MP /A1R MP A1 MP+ enables high-resolution multiphoton imaging (up to 4096 x 4096 pixels). In addition, A1R MP+ is capable of high-speed...

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Eclipse Ni - 10

Wide array of accessories finely segmented by function Dimensional diagram Ni-E (for use with focusing nosepiece) Motorized quadrocular tilting tube (Ni-E) Motorized DSC zooming port (Ni-E) Motorized changeover of optical paths is possible. Eyepiece inclination can be adjusted from 15° to 35°. A digital camera can be mounted on the camera port. A motorized 0.6x - 2.0x zoom optical system is incorporated. Configured with an Ni photoactivation unit, two-tiered motorized epi-fluorescence cube turret and motorized quadrocular tilting tube Brightness is automatically optimized with the...

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Eclipse Ni - 11

System diagram: Ni-E focusing stage type FX-III Series ' Quadrocular Tube CFIUW CFIUW C-EREyelevel Riser C-ISA Analyzer Tube for Simple Polarizatior :irst-orderRed Compensation Y-IDT Drawing Tube NI-BAW-E Motorizec Barrier FilterWhee J-TT-E Motorized Quadrocular Tilting Tube ©O MI-RPZ-E Motorized Quadrocular Tube MI-SHCS Motorized Shutter Cable Short NI-SHAEP-U Motorizec Shutter Adapter BPU Back Port Unit NI-AST Analyzer Slider Stopper Cube Turret Quadrocular Tube Excitation Balancer MI-EXW-E TI-SHAEP-I Motorizec Motorized Shutter Adapterfor Excitation Inverted Epi-FL :ilter Wheel Quintuple...

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