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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 1

Microscope Objectives for Bioscience Microscope Objectives for Bioscience

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 2

Tireless pursuit of the highest quality Each Nikon microscope objective is precision-crafted to provide the highest level of clarity and overall optical performance. World-class Nikon objectives, including renowned CFI60 infinity optics, deliver brilliant images of breathtaking sharpness and clarity, from ultralow to the highest magnifications. kiwami The Japanese calligraphy on the left reads as “kiwami,” which means to master or pursue excellence. Exceptional performance born from advanced technology in glass formation and lens manufacture Nikon’s extremely reliable high-tech products...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 3

Nikon Master Craftperson Within the Nikon organization, there are dedicated personnel with the title of Nikon Master Craftperson. They have passed rigorous tests and possess a high degree of skill and expert knowledge, specifically for the production of objectives. Everyday, these “masters” utilize their techniques and knowledge to deliver unrivalled glass-based optical solutions. CFI60 Optical Path (Conceptual Diagram) Chromatic Aberration Free Chromatic Aberration Free Tube lens Beam splitter Development of CFI60 optical system In 1996, Nikon developed the CFI60 (Chromatic aberration Free...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 4

The innovative coating technology enables bright, highly reliable image acquisition In today’s bioscience research, it is becoming increasingly important to visualize minute cell structures and reveal mechanisms and the interaction of intracellular materials through fluorescent and confocal observations. To achieve more reliable imaging results, demand for bright objectives that can detect even the weakest fluorescent light has increased. An objective is constructed with a number of lens elements to improve image quality and correct image distortion and aberration. However, due to surface...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 5

Cutting-edge objectives with Nano Crystal Coat These top-grade objectives employ Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat technology and provide high transmittance up to the near-infrared range. Chromatic aberrations are highly corrected over a wide wavelength range, from ultraviolet to near infrared. The immersion objectives are the perfect choice for live-cell imaging, thanks to their incomparable high numerical aperture. CFI Apochromat λ S Series These objectives provide chromatic aberration correction over a wide wavelength range from 405nm and are powerful enough for spectral imaging and...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 6

CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda Series Nano Crystal Coat guarantees optimum brightness • Nano Crystal Coat enables remarkably high transmission up to the near-infrared region. • Chromatic aberrations are corrected throughout a wavelength range from visible to near infrared. Bright, high-contrast images are captured during long-wavelength imaging, which is less phototoxic to live-cells. • Unmatched chromatic aberration correction, resolution and image flatness ensure the capture of high-quality brightfield images. Vastly improved transmission rate (CFI Plan Apochromat λ60x oil) 1 CFI Plan...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 7

CFI SR Series Objectives for super resolution microscope N-SIM The SR (super resolution) objectives have been designed to provide superb optical performance with Nikon’s superresolution microscopes. The adjustment and inspection of lenses using wavefront aberration measurement have been applied to yield optical performances with the lowest possible asymmetric aberration. Reduced asymmetric aberration enables the capture of fluorescence bead images with even brightness during defocusing. CFI HP Series Objectives for super resolution microscope N-STORM The CFI HP (High Power) objectives are...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 8

CFI Apochromat TIRF Series Objectives with an unparalleled NA of 1.49 M uch higher S/N ratio than a conventional model Sample: Q-Dot CFI Apochromat TIRF 100x oil, NA 1.49 (new product) Line profile Intensity level • Because of the unprecedented NA of 1.49—for use with a standard coverslip and immersion oil—these objectives enable the acquisition of bright, high S/N ratio images; so they are suitable for TIRF observation and live cell imaging. • Both the 60x and 100x lenses utilize the spherical aberration correction ring to reduce deterioration in image quality caused by deviations in cover...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 9

CFI Plan Apochromat VC Series Essential for confocal observation such as DAPI Water-immersion type CFI Plan Apochromat VC 60x WI objective is perfect for confocal observation of deep tissue • op performance objectives with perfect correction of chromatic aberrations T in the visible light range and excellent resolution throughout the view field. • erfect choice for multi-stained, fluorescence specimens and for brightfield P and DIC observation. I • n addition to the correction range of the conventional Plan Apochromat series (435–660nm), axial chromatic aberration has been corrected up to...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 10

Water-dipping Objective Series New design for enhanced operability • Long WD and high NA at any magnification. • harper tips and broad approach angles provide improved accessibility for S manipulator control. • berrations are corrected even in the infra-red range with the highA magnification objectives, making them suitable for multi-photon imaging using infra-red light. 1 • 00xW objective with a correction ring that corrects spherical aberration induced by imaging depth or temperature fluctuations. With excellent infra-red transmission, this lens assures best quality images of even a thick...

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Microscope Objectives for Bioscience - 11

Objectives for brightfield observation CFI Plan Apochromat Series These high NA series feature superior image flatness and resolving power at the theoretical limit of today’s optical technology and are designed to correct all optical aberrations throughout the visible spectrum, from violet to red over the entire 25 mm field of view. The λ series has high transmission rates and chromatic aberration correction up to near-infrared range, while the VC series corrects chromatic aberrations from 405 nm. CFI Plan Fluor Series Featuring an extra-high transmission rate, especially in the ultraviolet...

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