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Infant incubator + neonatal monitor More powerful functions. Not only help to establish a suitable environment for treatment, but also follow up on vital signs monitoring at all times, and professionally create a comprehensive NICU solution. INFANT INCUBATOR MODULE Life care with love, starting from the newborns Integrate incubating and monitoring, care for premature and low birth weight infants Precise control and high-level simulation of maternal incubation environment Equipped with an embedded system and an Android display system, the updated PID core algorithm makes the temperature...

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HELP WITH LOVE, STARTING FROM CARE Humidity sensor collects effective data in real time, quickly reaching 95% humidification effect. Other brands Human-machine interaction for efficiently simplifying clinical care procedures LCD display screen: 10.4 inch TFT color LCD Servo oxygen supply can be calibrated with single click (21% or 100%), touch screen, large characters clearly visible and the oxygen concentration can be quickly increased to the set value. from a long distance, convenient for observation and operation of medical staff. Night mode can be set to reduce the impact of light...

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Endless Love To Guard The New Life Safe Frequency-variable DC motor is used to effectively reduce the noise inside the incubator and provide a comfortable therapeutic environment. 360° bilateral rotating infant bed allows medical staff to observe and care for newborns in all directions, reducing external stimulation. Pressure-relief waterproof mattress is made of TPU material, which is soft and breathable, thereby improving the comfort of newborns and protecting the integrity of the skin. The two-way pull-out X-ray cassette can be placed under the bassinet, eliminating the need to move the...

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EMPATHY WITH LOVE, STARTING FROM FAMILY Built-in weighing system, easy to measure the weight of children and monitor the weight trend changes. The first domestic kangaroo mode: Effectively maintaining the temperature in the incubator, supporting kangaroo -style care, reducing parents' anxiety, and facilitating newborns' physical and mental development. Foldable tray Foldable tray for easy storage without disassembling. The hood body is made of acrylic material, which is colorless and environmentally friendly, transparent and visible, and medical staff can easily observe the treatment of...

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Apnea wake-up monitoring Provides two measurement methods: It has the functions of close monitoring, mainstream and external side flow to real-time prompt and comprehensive monitor CO2 accurately in a real-time protection to adopt early intervention for neonates at risk of apena. CONFIGURATION TABLE SPECIAL MONITORING MODULE Optional FOR NEWBORNS Represents for standard function, Represents optional function. ) Infant incubator module Controller 10.4-inch TFT color LCD touch screen Panel damping system Temperature servo control Air mode, baby mode, kangaroo mode Weighing system Humidity...

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Endless love To Guard The New Life Safe Ningbo David Medical Device Co.,Ltd Add: Bldg No. 5 Ningbo Smart Park, #98 Chuangyuan Rd, Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, China Tel: 0086-574-87800008 / 87800007 Fax: 0086-574-87803714 Web: E-mail: Specifications are changed without notice for performance improvement. Printed date: Mar 2022 Version No.: 1

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