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HKN-2200B Infant Radiant Warmer

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CONTINUOUS AND STABLE THERMOREGULATION Building a warm and reliable growth cradle Quartz high-power heating tube is adopted, which can efficiently convert into far-infrared radiation. It is easy to be absorbed by the skin, with fast heating speed and short rewarming time; Monitoring module (Optional) Parabolic reflector with high reflectance, with more concentrated radiation area, ensuring mattress to be evenly heated, and preventing the surrounding nursing staff from feeling overheated; High-precision dual thermistor skin temperature sensor, with more accurate temperature monitoring; The...

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It can treat jaundice efficiently, quickly reduce time, convenient for medical staff to replace the treatment time, and reduce the chance of blood irradiation light source in a timely manner, so as transfusion exchange to a certain extent. RESPIRATORY RESUSCITATION IN A RACE AGAINST TIME It has the function of accumulating light therapy the level of bilirubin in children, shorten the to ensure the effect of light therapy. Due to the immature development of the neonatal respiratory center, premature infants and low birth weight REAL-TIME COMPREHENSIVE LIFE MONITORING infants often suffer...

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SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TREATMENT ENVIRONMENT Pressure-relief antidecubitus waterproof mattress is made of TPU material, which is waterproof , soft and breathable, thereby protects the tender skin of newborns and improving the comfort of newborns. The first domestic kangaroo mode Supporting kangaroo-style care, reducing APGAR score timing parents' anxiety, and facilitating newborns' physical and mental development. The APGAR score timing and CPR timing functions help medical staff to assess the vital signs of newborns in a timely manner. Triple independent overheat protection, multi-channel...

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EFFICIENTLY SIMPLIFIED CLINICAL CARE PROCEDURES LCD display Built-in weighing system, convenient 10.4-inch TFT color LCD touch screen with to measure the weight of children and large characters, clearly visible from a long monitor the weight trend changes. distance, with fast switching between multiple languages, convenient for medical staff to observe and operate; Night mode can be set to automatically identify the external environment, adjust the screen brightness, and reduce the impact of light stimulation on newborns. The two-way pull-out storage drawer can accommodate a variety of...

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CONFIGURATION TABLE Can be used with NICU information management system Represents for standard function, Represents optional function. ) Infant radiant warmer module A clinical information management system, focusing on the daily nursing process of medical staff based on the special nursing requirements of newborns. It carries out comprehensive information collection functions with the medical system, and supports T-piece resuscitation, Air/oxygen blender, Low pressure suction a full range of smart pendants. Temperature servo control Automatic adjustment of screen brightness Pre-warm mode,...

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