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HKN-93CS Infant Radiant Warmer

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CONTINUOUS AND STABLE THERMOREGULATION Intelligent integration of thermoregulation + respiratory resuscitation + jaundice treatment + blood oxygen monitoring Build a safe neonatal surgical emergency place to effectively save the rescue time of emergency diseases. Building a warm and reliable growth cradle The parabolic reflector with high reflectivity is adopted to make the radiation area more concentrated, ensuring the uniform heating of the mattress and avoiding the surrounding nursing staff from feeling overheated. The independent high-precision double thermistor skin monitoring more...

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RESPIRATORY RESUSCITATION IN A RACE AGAINST TIME EFFICIENT AND PORTABLE FOR JAUNDICE TREATMENT Due to the immature development of the neonatal respiratory center, premature infants and low birth weight infants often suffer from critical situations of apnea. Therefore, it is necessary to establish respiratory support and oxygen therapy systems in the NICU, provide safe and effective respiratory resuscitation ventilation Strong light therapy, using SMD LED light source, with high total bilirubin irradiance, in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for strong light...

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EFFICIENT AND SIMPLIFIED HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION The 32-bit Android system has strong adaptability which can optimize human-computer interaction function, simplify clinical nursing steps, build a safe and comfortable treatment environment for newborns and save precious treatment time for medical staff. REAL-TIME AND ACCURATE BLOOD OXYGEN MONITORING 10.4-inch TFT color LCD touch screen, large characters, clearly visible from a long distance, convenient for observation and operation of medical staff. 24-hour non-invasive continuous monitoring, tracking and recording the changes of neonatal...

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An X-ray film box can be placed under Pressure-relief antidecubitus waterproof mattress the bassinet without moving the newborns. is made of TPU material, which is waterproof, soft and breathable, thereby protects the tender skin of newborns and improving the comfort of newborns. The two-way pull-out storage drawer can accommodate a variety of small medical devices, and the external storage basket can properly accommodate cables and other accessories. The electric control bassinet can be adjusted at multiple tilting angles, which can effectively reduce the spitting up of newborns, and can be...

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CONFIGURATION TABLE Can be connected to the central air supply of the wall or directly install the air/oxygen cylinders. Represents for standard function, Represents optional function. ) Infant radiant warmer module 10.4-inch TFT color LCD touch screen, fast language switch. Resolution: 1024x768px Air-oxygen blender Temperature control mode Pre-warm mode, manual mode, Baby mode Low pressure suction (Venturi) Warmer module Skin temperature sensor Dovetail column on both sides Vertical height adjustment stand External examination lamp Electric tilting system Weighing system T-piece...

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