Infant T-piece Resuscitator - NEO-I/II


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Infant T-piece Resuscitator - NEO-I/II - 1

To Guard The New Life Safe INFANT T-PIECE RESUSCITATOR Stock code [300314] DAVID

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Infant T-piece Resuscitator - NEO-I/II - 2

• Designed for infants weighing less than 10kg; • Suitable for many occassions, such as maternity wards, NICU, transporation and so on; • Driven by air, no power supply required; • Easy to operate, reducing medical staffs fatigue effectively; • Featured with Positive End-expiratory Pressure, negative pressure suction and oxygen supply (NEO-II); • Separably adjustable of oxygen concentration and flow rate (NEO-II); • Continuously adjustable of oxygen concentration from 21% to 100%, high accuracy and stable oxygen output (NEO-II); • Designed in accordance with the lastest resuscitation...

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Infant T-piece Resuscitator - NEO-I/II - 3

• Operating environment requirements: temperature 18”C ~40”C, • Total mass (including resuscitatorand accessories): ==2Kg (NEO-I) • Transport and storage environment requirements: . Size: igomm(W) x 100mm(D) x 263mm(H) (NEO-I) temperature -40”C ~60”C, humidity: up to 95%, 290mm(W) x 180mm(D) x 370mm(H) (NEO-II) T-piece resuscitation function • Diaphragm manometer range: -10 ~ 80cmH2O, accuracy: ± 2% of full-scale value • Maximum pressure (Pmax) setting range: 1 - 60cmH2O, The factory setting of the maximum pressure is 40cmH2O, can be adjustable. • Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) range at: @...

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Infant T-piece Resuscitator - NEO-I/II - 4

NEO-I: Infant T-piece resuscitator, Test lung, Pmax protective lid, Inlet adaptor. NEO-II: Infant T-piece resuscitator, Low-pressure hose assemblies(oxygen), Low-pressure hose assemblies(air), Test lung, Resuable collection jar, Filter, Suction hose, Hand control valve, Overflow protection cup. Low-pressure hose assemblies(oxygen) Low-pressure hose assemblies (air) Suction hose Test lung Hand control valve v ^ Ningbo David Medical Device Co.,Ltd □AVID Add: Bldg No. 5 Ningbo Smart Park, #98 Chuangyuan Rd, Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, China Tel: 0086-574-8780 0008 or 8780 0007 /Fax: 0086-574-8780...

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