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Build a mobile NICU and construct a bridge of life for in-hospital and inter-hospital transport Stable temperature control Updated PID core algorithm allows the temperature in the incubator to fluctuate more stable. The transport solution integrating multiple functions breaks through time and geographical constraints, and provides protection for premature infants and low birth weight infants. 24.0 Before the core algorithm is upgraded After the core algorithm is upgraded Double wall hood can minimize the heat loss generated by in-hospital and inter-hospital transport. INFANT INCUBATOR MODULE...

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Technological innovation committed to improving the safety factor of transport Human-computer interaction to diligently build a comfortable treatment environment The embedded operating system has strong adaptability and more expansible human-machine interaction functions to meet more clinical treatment needs. Applying medical-grade large-capacity lithium battery technology, integrating a high-safety charge and The 5.6-inch color LCD screen can be used in touch discharge management system, monitoring battery parameters and shuttle modes for more convenient operation. in real time, and...

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TROLLEY MODULE Easy transfer, move up and down smoothly SPECIAL MONITORING MODULE FOR NEWBORNS Rainbow SpO2 pulse oximetry monitoring Standard trolley with stepless adjustment of height is convenient for medical staff to carry out in-hospital nursing, diagnosis, and transfer of critically ill newborns timely. Independent Clinical Evaluation Versus Improved Screening Sensitivity of Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) Combined with clinical assessment, the screening sensitivity for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) can be increased to 93%. Significantly reduce the incidence of...

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Endless love To Guard The New Life Safe CONFIGURATION TABLE Represents for standard function, Represents optional function. ) Infant incubator module 5.6-inch color LCD touch screen + shuttle operation Controller Temperature servo control 2 oxygen cylinders (Only for PT-II, JH-III) Oxygen supply system Baby mode Panel damping system Illuminating lamp Oxygen concentration detection function Skin temperature sensor Oxygen concentration control function Humidity concentration control function Battery working time Single battery pack: ≥3hrs Dual battery pack: ≥6hrs Three power supply modes...

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