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Setting the scientific standard. Again. The largest meta-analysis of a single implant brand unequivocally shows that the TiUnite implant surface supports peri-implant health, bone maintenance and overall treatment success, long term. Excellent implant survival rates, short- and long-term Good bone maintenance -1 mm Marginal bone level change from implant insertion at 5-year follow-up * Results of regression analysis. Details can be found in full publication. † Of 106 studies, 47 reported biological complications. Of these 47 papers, 19 reported cases of peri-implantitis in 5.2% of patients (64/1229). The authors postulated that, if peri-implantitis did not occur in studies where it was not explicitly reported, its prevalence would be 1.36%. ‡ Misch CE, Perel ML, Wang HL, et al. Implant success, survival, and failure: the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) Pisa Consensus Conference. I

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The largest meta-analysis of a single implant brand prospective studies publications screened No cherry picking Includes all patients with a TiUnite implant prospectively evaluated in a clinical study with a minimum of 20 patients and 12 months post-loading. 99TiUnite promotes a healthy bone response during the first year which remains stable over the long term. 99Strong evidence of high implant survival with TiUnite surface. 99Low rates of reported peri-implantitis in patients with TiUnite surface implants. Karl M, Albrektsson T. Clinical performance of dental implants with a moderately...

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