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Nonin Onyx Finger Pulse Oximeters ® Superior Performance…For Challenging Patient Conditions

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COPD patients often present with complex co-morbidities As a clinician who treats patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), making the right decision is often dependent on getting an accurate oxygen saturation (SpO2) reading. Getting accurate readings can be more difficult in COPD patients with cardiovascular co-morbidities, such as congestive heart failure (CHF). Up to 27% of COPD patients may also have congestive heart failure1 COPD patients with CHF can challenge oximeter accuracy Poor blood circulation Drops in oxygen levels (desaturation) • Poor blood circulation is a...

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Superior technology for challenging conditions…including rapid SpO2* changes, poor peripheral blood circulation and motion The inventor – Nonin developed finger pulse oximetry and has over 25 years of clinical experience. Peer-reviewed accuracy, FDA-cleared – The accuracy and performance of the Onyx finger oximeter is supported by published, peer-reviewed clinical studies. U.S. military certified** – The only finger pulse oximeter that has airworthiness approval for use in military aircraft. PureLight® sensor technology The only oximeter with pulse-by-pulse filtering – Nonin Medical’s...

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Nonin Onyx – accuracy and durability in ® Only Nonin’s finger oximeter2was able to track the subject’s desaturation5 SpO Values Over Time Only Nonin Onyx® and Nellcor™ pulse oximeters accurately tracked the subject's desaturation. (False High) (False High) Control6 Nonin Onyx Nonin Nellcor Onyx Oximeter A Oximeter A SpO2 saturation values you can trust • Nonin PureSAT technology uses pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide accurate SpO2 measurements. The leading competitors use measurement averaging across numerous pulses which can result in delayed or inaccurate readings during saturation...

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challenging patient conditions Accuracy in poor peripheral (finger) blood circulation Figure 1: Nonin Onyx Vantage is accurate in patients with as low as 0.3% pulse signal strength.7 Normal Pulse Strength (3%)8 Superior durability A normal arterial pulse wave form showing the systolic peak (in red). Nonin Onyx Vantage can read pulse strength in patients with poor circulation (in blue) even when it is as low as 1/10th the strength of a normal wave form. Figure 2: Nonin Onyx versus Competitors after drops from the same height (1 meter).7 Drop durability – After 50 drops from 1 meter onto a...

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Is your oximeter professional-grade? Finger Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Oximeter Nonin Medical Beijing Choice Contec Medical Beijing, China Qinhuangdao, China Lead Free Contains Lead-Rich Components Contains Lead-Rich Components UL approved as medical device RoHS*** compliant Manufacturer provides published independent proof sources for claims Accuracy claims in dark skin pigmentation Beijing, China or through internet distributors Qinhuangdao, China or through internet distributors Manufacturer Manufacturing location Warranty Latex-free* Lead-free** Customer service...

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