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pulse oximetry software SpO Data Management Software 2 nVISION SpO2 data management software for sleep screening and 6MWT reporting is a powerful, easy-to-use oximetry data analysis tool designed to increase productivity and decrease administrative costs.

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Comprehensive SpO2 Data Reporting Nonin’s innovation in pulse oximetry has led to the development of an easy oximetry reporting solution – nVISION®. Designed to provide effortless viewing, professional analysis, report generation and reliable data storage – the powerful nVISION software package is a cost-effective solution for sleep screening and 6MWT applications. The simple functionality of nVISION makes it useful for nearly any screening situation where an accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate is needed. Sleep Lab Nonin Knows Sleep. For more than a decade, Nonin has...

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Pulse Oximetry Software Automatic Distance University Hospital & Clinics Patient Data Physician: Smith Test Location:lndoors Walking Aids UsedNone Reason for Testing Exertional Dyspne; Supplemental OxygenN Electronic Data Entry Fields Total Distance Walked250.00 feet Total Time Stopped (seconds)45 Patient Sticker Name: Thompson, John V Will begin exercise and supplemental 02 based on walk test results. Reassess the program to maintain required distance and should not need 02. Will begin on all modalities, including bike and treadmill as tolerated. Will do 5 min on each & increase to 20 min...

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A Cost-Effective Solution Customize Your Views Exclude Data Mark the artifact or suspect data and focus on specific events critical for analysis. ¡ Adjustable Display Parameters Easily adjust the X and Y scaling to customize your analysis. This feature allows you ¡ to see the entire study at once or view the expanded data minute-by-minute. Software Highlights Based on the Windows® platform, this intuitive tool offers customized settings/ parameters and quick access for efficient and immediate data interpretation. Product Highlights Oximetry Automatically calculates the results for...

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