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noraplan unita -Opposites attract When soft rubber and solid granite unite, something astonishing is made. Real granite chips embedded in a high-quality rubber floor covering create fascinating visual depth. Th is fusion of opposites results in a timeless and extremely appealing design that will give your project a distinctive character. Unique like the stars in the night sky.

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noraplan unita combines rubber and granite to create a successful symbiosis.

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Sparkling performance Discover the striking effect of noraplan unita. This unique rubber flooring gives any room a stunning appearance that nobody can ignore. The granite chips reflect the light, add depth to a room and bring your architecture to life. L&T Sport Osnabrück, Germany | © Dirk Wilhelmy

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left: © Dirk Wilhelmy | above: © Joachim Grothus

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Urban look noraplan unita is the perfect partner for contemporary interior design. Its puristic ambience enhances the perception of space and emphasises the dramaturgy of urban architecture.

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Zalando headquarters, Berlin, Germany | © Stephan Falk

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Timeless design The more minimalist a design, the longer it can defy fashions and trends. The elegant look of noraplan unita is reduced to the essentials: a perfect example of accomplished, timeless understatement. Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany | © Andreas Bormann

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above: Open space office in the “Boa Vista” office building, Hamburg, Germany | © Dominik Münich left: Museum for Hamburg history, Germany | © Oliver Heine

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Lecture Hall and Campus Centre (HCC) of the University of Kassel, Germany | © Werner Huthmacher

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Cool elegance for your interiors noraplan unita lays infinity at your feet. The authentic design is a perfect match for your modern architectural project, from co-working spaces to museums and from universities to canteens. The elegant range of colours helps you to enhance prestigious interiors with an exclusive atmosphere. OTTO canteen Kochwerk Elbe, Hamburg, Germany | © Valeska Achenbach Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands | © Studio Beeldwerken

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Tough beauty This rubber floor covering is a perfect combination of permanently resilient rubber and randomly dispersed granite chips. It delivers outstanding benefits: • Ergonomic comfort when walking and standing • Extremely low emissions contribute to healthy indoor air • PVC-free and free of phthalates • Resilient and durable • Contributes to pleasant interior acoustics • Jointless installation for a uniform surface appearance • No coatings needed The fine scatter of chips in noraplan unita lends it a discreet appearance. The design is deliberately purist and simple. This makes it ideal...

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noraplan unita Also available as noraplan unita nTx. nora profile connection dimension: A + U Note: More designs and information on nora nTx can be found at or on reque

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Errors as well as misprints and changes reserved. No guarantee is given for the accuracy and completeness of the information. The product images in this document may differ from the original. This document is not a contractual offer and only serves to provide non-binding information. The nora brand and all other registered trademarks used in this document are registered to the company, the country or to a company associated with nora systems GmbH. Other labels used here are trademarks of their respective owners. Publisher nora systems GmbH Höhnerweg 2–4 69469 Weinheim | Germany

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