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Resting ECG Wireless / Wired years DICOM Interoperability Comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for Mobile, PC-based and Conventional ECG. Available in Wireless and Wired configurations. NORAV

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Retrieve, View and Print ECGs on Smartphones, Tablets or PCs. Designed to comply with Resting ECG needs while providing fast and simple operation even for first-time users. High Resolution ECG Processing Accurate and reliable measurements Advanced ECG Tracing On-line filtering and automated baseline correction for clear and stable measurements Cross-Platform Compatibility iOS, Android, and Windows ADVANTAGES: Automatic interpretation Caliper QRS and ECG Measurements Comprehensive display and printout Physician remarks and signature Email ECG results directly from your Mobile, Versatility -...

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PC-ECGNR-1207-3 All-In-One Wireless Mobile ■ Rest, Stress, Holter, and Telemetry ■ 12 Lead ECG ■ MS Windows Compatible for all ECGs ■ iOS, Android & MS Windows Compatible for Rest ECG ■ MS Windows Compatible for Stress ECG ■ iOS, Android & MS Windows Compatible for Rest ECG ■ 24 Bit Resolution and High Sampling Rate ■ Signal Averaging and Heart Rate Variability applications User Friendly Design with One-Touch Operation ■ 12-lead Simultaneous Acquisition with Interpretation ■ Continuous Impedance Test with Alarm Display ■ Easy Stored Data Transfer to N

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OPTIONAL: Late Potentials – SAECG Heart Rate Variability MEANS Interpretation - World-renowned automatic ECG Diagnosis – Adult, Pediatric, and Gender Specific - Developed at Erasmus University, the Netherlands Norav ECG Management System NEMS: A comprehensive management software to efficiently manage, track and organize studies and patients' data. All ECG tests: Resting, Stress, Long Term Monitoring, Telemetry, Heart Rate Variability, Late Potentials (SAECG), Holter Ambulatory, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Spirometry Effortless integration with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic...

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All Norav Medical products are ISO 13485, CE, 510(k) and Health

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Cloud ECG Scanning Center Other Product Lines: Stress ECG Holter & Ambulatory Blood Pressure | For additional information please contact us at All specifications are subject to change without notice. ©All rights reserved.

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