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Clinical DTS - 2

The Clinical Direct Transmission System (Clinical DTS) for EMG and other biomechanical sensors directly transmits data from the electrode or sensor site to a small USB receiver. This direct transmission concept greatly simplifies the arrangement of EMG measurements by eliminating the need to arrange cable connections between the EMG electrodes and EMG amplifier. The small lightweight sensors are also beneficial for small subjects like children and small animals. The Clinical DTS EMG signal is pre-processed using a 100ms RMS filter to give clinicians clean, easy-toread signals. The DTS...

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Clinical DTS - 3

Symmetry and Coordination Tests These various tests allow for the comparison of affected and unaffected sides. Display the EMG and histogram statistics for unilateral, bilateral, multi joint and symmetrical movements. Evaluate the neuromuscular coordination and compare innervation deficiencies between right and left Average Activation Patterns Clinicians can assess repeated movement sequences and exercises while creating averaged and time normalized EMG patterns. Analyze the typi- cal innervation structure of movements. Feedback Training Use the bar graph display of signals to provide...

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Clinical DTS - 4

Direct Transmission System TECHNICAL DATA Receiver Specifications: - Up to 8 sensor channels (only 4 can be used for - External antenna Output and Transmission Frequency (country specific) - 20 meters Clinical DTS probe transmission radio channels EMG Sensor Data Acquisition System - 100ms RMS filter before wireless transmission - Initial sample rate of 3000Hz - Wireless update rate 100Hz - 1st order high-pass filters set to 10Hz +/-10% - Baseline noise: <luV RMS - Input impedance > 100 Mohm - Probe battery life of 8 hours - Snap or pinch style terminal electrode - Weight: less than 14...

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