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MR3 - 1

MR3: An Introduction To Noraxon’s New Multi-Device Software Assessed, Quantified and Verified…with MR3 the possibilities are endless. MR3’s platform allows for flexible configuration from a single device to a more complex multi-device or multi-sensor combination. Simultaneous recording and measurement of EMG, 2D video, 3D kinematics and multiple different gait and pressure technologies all come together for quick, efficient and synchronous reports. One Software. Multiple Technologies. Unlimited Solutions. Module and Software Version/Edition Overview myoMUSCLE: EMG recording and analysis software (similar functionality to MRXP) Data Acquisition Perfect for acquiring and exporting data. Includes access to database and viewer. All the basic functionality you need to record and analyze EMG data. Includes 5 reports, processing (post hoc), database, viewer and report functions (similar to Basic in MRXP). Clinical Apps Everything the Essential package has with 8 clinical reports, record to video, report editor and template training (available by July 2013). Master/Research The most comprehensive EMG software package available with access to all EMG and biomechanical sensor software functions, real time processing and over 20 reports. Video analysis software with advanced drawing tools, angle tracking with unlimited markers, distance, text labels and trajectories tools. Operation is based on a point of interest analysis and video import/export functionality is standard. High Definition Supports up to three (3) USB HD or DVI cameras. High Speed Supports up to two (2) Optitrak 100 fps or two (2) PT Grey 120 fps cameras. Human Biomechanical model with 16 bones/segments plus external object sensors. Navigation and orientation angles, linear acceleration, linear velocity and pitch, roll and yaw of any given sensor. Supports up to eighteen (18) sensors, full analysis, reporting and import/export functions. Supports up to seven (7) sensors with 5 clinical reports. Direct integration of foot pressure with 3D pressure mountains, comprehensive gait reports, gait parameters, COP calculations and one-to-one pressure printouts. Integration of pressure plate instrumented treadmill. Integration of floor pressure plates up to 7 meters in length. Portable telemetric pressure foot insole system (Medilogic).

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MR3 - 2

Software & Multi-Device Workflow Overview Functions shared with all modules © Standardized workflow scheme for all devices and device combinations © Freely selectable device configuration and combinations between modules © Automatic hardware device detection © Compatible with all Windows (XP & 7) operating systems (Windows 8 coming soon) Measurement Menu © 3D muscle maps, illustrated sensor selection maps © Direct access to device configuration settings © Real time signal processing and Biofeedback functions (bar graph, threshold range, sound integration) © Dual screen support and for...

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MR3 - 4

Features & Functions Detailed Overview Hardware Setup Menu © A/D (board) driver menu with Noraxon USB AD board, National instruments AD driver, EMG-simulation/demo driver © Free choice of channel types, which can be configured and calibrated to any physical unit, with auto offset function and other display © Recording of external analog signals through hardware auxiliary input channels at the amplifier or telemetry transmitter © Video input configuration menu with access to all video devices connected to the PC © Built-in Video compression and camera specific compression codecs Measurement...

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MR3 - 5

Menu Record Viewer Complete mouse support for all operations Scaling and zoom functions for all channels Graphical channel and time periods overlay Mouse based marker placement and correction Additional histogram display for signal data at cursor position Replay, slow motion and single picture shot for synchronized video sequences Hard copy print option for each record viewer image Marked and signal processed data portions can be stored as a new record Auto marker menu Several routines to place and/or edit analysis markers Angle or TTL signal based auto marker functions Load and store...

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MR3 - 6

Comprehensive Period definition routines: by mouse marked intervals by point of interest by step function (in fixed Steps) by manual or automatic marker routines by angle over TTL signals Definition of comparison records, internally, to other channels, or externally, to other records or normative files Analysis Report One or two page reports with zoom capability Export of the whole report in HTML, Excel and Ascii format Direct copy function of analysis findings to the clipboard, paste function for data or graphs to any other Windows application (Excel, Word, Math Cad, etc.) Direct transfer...

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MR3 - 7

Layout Elements Horizontal and vertical line separator functionality Box diagram capability Title and graph legends Placement of Company logo and other graphics Automatic page return, fixed space arrangement Currently Installed Report Analysis Elements Continuous Curve Standard amplitude analysis element that displays the selected analysis portion or period. In case there are more analysis periods the record can be shown as a continuous signal, both including or excluding inter-period data. A statistics diagram can calculate amplitude, frequency, sub-period and timing parameters Average...

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MR3 - 8

Frequency Bands A parameter table or histogram graph of FFT based spectral parameters. Free choice of EMG band and step size, with the output options: as a Amplitude Probability This analysis allows the calculation of the percentage distribution of amplitude increments for a given time period. It explains how often lower, medium and high EMG data occurred in a test (ergonomics studies) A set of mathematical functions can be chosen which introduce a time resolution to the analysis of frequency contents: © Short time Fourier transformation © Discrete and continuous wavelets © Multi resolution...

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