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Product Overview The MyoSystem™ 1400A surface and fine-wire electrode EMG unit is a highly versatile device ideal for the most demanding research studies, yet simple enough to use for clinical applications. The system is available as a 4, 8, 12 or 16-channel unit. This instrument features Noraxon’s internationally patent-protected amplifier technology to provide clean, consistent, and reliable EMG signals during any type of isometric or dynamic exercise. The 1400A is fully compatible with Noraxon’s line of biomechanical sensors. This allows any EMG lead to be freely exchanged with other sensor types, like force, angle, acceleration, inclination, and more. Each system is equipped with four isolated analog input channels that enable the instrument to measure a variety of analog signals from biomechanical devices in synchrony with EMG such as motion analysis, force plates, etc. The 1400A has a “built in” USB A/D which handles all data acquisition and greatly simplifies interfacing to a computer for data acquisition. Provides scientifically reliable data Monitors up to 16 muscles simultaneously Provides compatibility with motion measurement systems and isokinetic devices Includes set bandwidth of 10-500 Hz for SEMG and 10-1,000 Hz for fine-wire Allows for flexible placement of electrode sites and spacing Provides virtually artifact-free signals Noraxon U.S.A. Inc. • 15770 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop, Suite 100 • Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Tel: (480) 443-3413 • Fax: (480) 443-4327 • E-mail: • Web Site:

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Flexible Applications to Other Devices Noraxon's internationally patented amplifier technology Thin, lightweight, very flexible cables with 8 channels per cable Pre-amplified electrode leads, can be used with disposable or permanent electrodes Audio feedback capabilities Selectable bandwidths for use with either surface or fine-wire electrodes Four standard isolated analog inputs to accommodate other kinetic or kinematic signals Internal data acquisition system with USB connectivity for up to 20 channels Device operation configurable from instrument keypad or via computer commands Compliant...

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MyoSystem 1400A Auxiliary Channels • • • • BNC connector/channel Input impedance 1 MOhm Range 0 to +/- 10 Volts Isolation > 1,500 Volts Sync Channel • • • BNC connector TTL input level activation Isolation > 1,500 Volts Analog Outputs 25 pin D-sub connector All EMG channels gain of 500 (fixed) All auxiliary channels gain of 0.5 (fixed) All outputs +/- 5 Volts max Standard type B connector Data Acquisition System • • • • • • • • • 12-bit resolution Noise < 2 LSB 20 channels (16 SEMG + 4 auxiliary) All channels have individual gain settings SEMG channel hardware gains (500) x1, x2, x4, x5,...

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