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FOR THE WIDEST RANGE OF TOOLS FOR BIOMECHANICS TESTING, ANALYSIS & REPORTING CREATING A SMART WORKFLOW > 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT > ELIMINATING OBSOLESCENCE A FULLY INTEGRATED CONTINUUM OF HARDWARE & SOFTWARE Never before has there been such a complete software offering for biomechanics research in scientific, medical and sports performance applications. MR3 is the 1SI truly integrated software platform that automatically synchronizes data collection and data analysis, drastically improving workflow and set up time Research and scientific applications for up to 32 muscles can be measured wirelessly. In addition, a variety of biomechanical sensors, such as, goniometers, foot switches, accelerometers and heart/breathing rate can be added. 3D Inertial Measurement Sensors [myoMOTiON The most advanced camera-free 3D kinematic system that enables the capture of human motion in six degrees of freedom (6-DOF), wirelessly, at a blazing fast 200 Hz. This concept is easily expandable from a single joint of interest to a simultaneous full body measurement across all major articulations. Force Distribution Measurement [myoPREssuRE] Multi-function pressure measurement systems for analyzing the distribution of static and dynamic forces during standing or walking. Dynamically capture every step parameter, analysis of any area on the plantar surface and facilitates identification of gait abnormalities. Three modalities are supported: 1. Pressure treadmills 2. Pressure platforms 3. Wireless pressure insoles 2D Video Analysis [myoviDEo] Sophisticated video analysis system with industry leading video software allowing for automated angle tracking. The perfect solution for clinical, gait, and video motion analysis. An all-in-one extremely robust video analysis tool with the most precise auto-synchronization available.

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HUMAN MOVEMENT METRICS ADVANCING HOW HUMAN MOVEMENT MEASUREMENT IS CONDUCTED The ability to integrate and synchronize HUMAN MOVEMENT METRICS under the umbrella of a singular software has always been a challenge. myoRESEARCH 3 (MR3) is a biomechanical analysis software solution built on a modular platform that offers users the flexibility to work with a singular technology or a fully equipped technology suite. It automatically synchronizes all data collection and analysis of EMG, video, 3D (IMU) kinematics, multiple gait systems (kinetics) and any other (3rd party) device that streams an...

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