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The TeleMyo™ Direct Transmission System (DTS) for EMG and other biomechanical sensors directly transmits data from the electrode or sensor site to a belt worn receiver. This direct transmission concept greatly simplifies the arrangement of EMG measurements by eliminating the need to arrange cable connections between the EMG electrodes and EMG amplifier. The small light weight probes are also beneficial for small subjects like children and small animals. The Belt Receiver can operate in 3 modes: • Direct connection to any PC via USB connection (transmission range 10m) • Wireless...

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Manual Muscle Function Test Detect amplitude differences during different activities and sequencing of muscles under specific test conditions. Symmetry and Coordination Test Measure bi-lateral muscle activity patterns and amplitudes within symmetrical movements. Compare the injured side to the uninvolved side which are automatically displayed on top of each other. Gait Analysis Use average EMG patterns that show the typical activity characteristics and coordination of muscle groups during walking/running while analyzing left/right, pre/post test comparisons. Symmetry, timing and curve...

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Direct Transmission System DTS PROBE & BELT DATA Power Requirements: - Replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery with an operation time of more than 8 hours when fully charged Output and Transmission Frequency (country specific) - Up to 100mW (depends on antenna) - DTS probe transmission range: 10m - Belt receiver re-transmission range: up to 100m in line-of-sight recordings - DSSS 2412-2464 MHz on (up to) 8 selectable radio channels EMG Sensor Data Acquisition System EMG Probes: - 1.34"L x 0.95"W x .55"H - 3.4cm x 2.4cm x 1.4cm - Weight: less than 14 grams DTS Belt Receiver: - 6" L x 2.63" W...

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