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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 1

67236 EN • V35/16 • NOUVAG AG©, all rights reserved • Subject to change Endoscopy supported systems for Operating R

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 2

We make great surgical devices ... Nouvag AG is famous throughout the world for its high quality devices for surgical applications such as for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Arthroscopy, Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery. These devices are well equipped and can be extended with a broad range of accessories. But there was something missing.

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 3

So ..., what if we came up with complete solutions, where our product range perfectly combines to a total solution, to perfectly match your needs? Now we’re able to offer highly sophisticated solutions to meet all your requirements.

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 4

The LED 3816 light source is a bright, white light LED system for Minimally Invasive Surgery, providing a homogenous light spot. The spectral composition of the LED light source with a very small infrared portion is responsible for the low working temperature. The intensity of the emitted light surpasses even that of a typical 180 watt Xenon bulb. The properties of LED technology reduces the risk of tissue damage by heat in endoscopic surgery, thus making an active contribution to safety. LED elements are known to have a very long lifespan with low energy consumption and maintenance costs,...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 5

FIBER OPTIC CABLE Usually optical fibers are glued together to generate a homogenous cross section of optical fibers. The disadvantage of this method is that the intermediate spaces between the fibers are not transmitting light and the glue can burn away. We use optical fiber cables with fused fibers, which reduce the intermediate gaps to an absolute minimum and therefore generate a much larger cross section with the same diameter of the cable. The transmission enhancement of light can reach up to 25 % higher rates and a homogenous Light. Fibre optic cables are in 3 lengths available...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 6

Video processing module with camera High resolution, wide angle video system with 3 CCD cells. Change the video format according to your needs. Picture processor with true color reproduction on the screen. The cable and lens of the camera can be exchanged effortlessly. Connect your Monitor to the video processing unit “IMAGER 3813” at the backside of the device, choose the picture proportion of the display and make your specific display settings. Connect the camera cable from the frontside with the IMAGER. Put the zoom lens on the camera head. It’s as simple as that. • Easy interface menu •...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 7

io8op/io8oi, 1920 x 1080 pixels 16:9 format most popular in the movie business because of the wide angle view. SXGA, 1280 x 1024 pixels 5:4 format is the ideal video format for Minimally Invasive Surgery WUXGA, 1920 x 1200 pixels 16:10 format is best for latest medical grade monitors with HD video standard. Camera head unit Medical-HD®, 3CCD camera head Video standards SXGA, resolution 1280 x 1024 pixel WUXGA, resolution 1920 x 1200 pixel 1080p, 1920 x 1080 pixel Sensitivity 1.5 lux Operation 2 programmable remote head keys (user defined settings with 10 variable key...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 8

Insufflator pump for Laparoscopy with highest safety standards Intelligent sensors are constantly monitoring the system after the build up of condensed fluids, that may cause cross contamination, when not detected. The excellent leakage compensation ensures clear visibility, when instruments at laparoscopic procedures are inserted or retracted. INSUFFLATOR 3820 advantages • 40 Liter gas flow per minute • Easy setting up of the device • Large displays • User programmable • Integrated gas heating • Pressure relief system • Integrated fluid sensor • igh safety standards due to audible H...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 9

ARTHRO PUMP 3824 advantages • 1.5 l/min. maximal flow rate • Optimal flow regulation due to automatic instrument detection and software control • Flushing function to maintain visibility within the operation field (joint) • Pole suspended for high maneuverability • Patient protection due to transponder equipped tubing set ARTHRO PUMP 3824 Pressure range 5 - 150 mmHG Maximal fluidal flow rate 1.5 l/min. ± 10 % Mains 100 - 240 V AC at 50 - 60 Hz Side view showing the open architecture of the Arthro Pump for easy tube set attachment. Available on request Extra strong daily tubing set for...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 10

HIGH SURG T1 • HIGH SURG T2 • TCM 3000 BL – MORCELLATOR Motor systems for Arthroscopy, ENT Surgery and Hysterectomy Our motor systems are established on the market as table mounted devices. To use them with arthroscopy in an operation theatre it’s very appreciated by our customers that we offer these devices also in a tower design, that can be mounted easily on any device trolley. HighSurg T2 Sophisticated Motor System for the use with 15 different handpieces in the fields of Arthroscopy, Plastic Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Head, Neck, Skull and ENT Surgery as well as Orthopaedic Surgery. •...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 11

Full HD medical video recorder A built in hard drive is included for reliable recording, data back-up and users can also simultaneously record to USB memory and USB hard drive to archive, share and play back on other devices and locations. The device is also Network capable. • Intuitive and easy to use • Auto detection of video resolution • Multiple HD and SD in- and outputs • Simultaneously recording to multiple media • Remote control, foot switch, card and barcode reader, Keyboard optional • Complying with medical standards • Fluid resistant front panel Technical data Full HD video...

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Endoscopy supported OR systems - 12

Full HD medical grade monitor for trolley cart mounting The Nouvag 24” and 27” monitors were designed with a completely closed aluminum housing (IP67, protected against dust and temporary immersion) and an optimized design to meet hygienic requirements to provide the ability to easily clean and disinfect the surfaces. The Monitor with anti-reflective coated safety glass allows a 180° viewing angle to guarantee best visibility. The full HD monitor with a passive, maintenance-free zone cooling system provides a clear and pin sharp picture with 1920 x 1200 pixels and 16.7 million colors. Ref....

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