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Instruments for arthroscopy


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Instruments for arthroscopy - 1

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 2

Nouvag HighSurg T1 is a high quality arthroscopy shaver motor system, made in Switzerland for abrasion, cutting, tissue and bone preparation, removing of lose fragments and for shaving off debris. Ergonomic designed lightweight Arthroscopy Handpiece for ease of use, controlled by hand or foot switch. Complete product range for Arthroscopic Surgery in combination with a shaver system, high quality blades, instruments and a precise Arthro-Pump.

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 3

High Surg Ti • Oscillation mode • Various oscillation modes/frequencies • Automatic memory • Automatic recognition of attached Arthroscopy Shaver • Precisely controlled motor speed • Short oscillation frequency of 0.2 seconds • Automatic controlled torque and limit control • Blade positioning mode • Bright and clear LED screen

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 4

Arthroscopy Shaver Handpiece The ergonomic and lightweight Arthroscopy Shaver Handpiece provides a high torque, smooth motor management and an easy to use button control. Short press: ON/OFF Long press (5 sec.): Emergency OFF when key is blocked Short press: reduce speed Long press: increase speed Suction tube connection Short press: switch oscillation mode/ clockwise rotation mode Long press: Blade positioning Suction channel locking bar Position lock for Shaver blades • Light weight (370 g, without cable) • Ergonomic design with easy to handle surface treatment • 3 button multi control •...

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 5

Hooded round burr Ideal for bone site preparation, debridement of cartilage and osteochondral and resection of osteophyte. Disposable Shaver blades, 5 pieces per PU Acromionizer Shaping and resection bone and cortilage during acromioplasty and notchplasty. 0 mm Angle length, mm |ref| Disposable Shaver blades, 5 pieces per PU Penguin Aggressive tapered blade for easy access into and around a joint with precise tissue cutting. Disposable Shaver blades, 5 pieces per PU Tri-Spike Best for heavy tissue and bone resection for example also ACL stump (aggressive) Disposable Shaver blades, 5...

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 6

Arthroscopy Instruments Cut through basket punch forceps and grasping forceps 3843 Basket punch Duckbill forceps, straight 3844 Basket punch Duckbill forceps, angled 15° 3845 Basket punch Duckbill forceps with 15° angled shaft. 3848 Basket punch forceps, oval jaw form, 4.0/6.0 mm (W x L), straight 3849 Basket punch forceps, narrow jaw form (1.0/6.0 mm) with hook, straight 3853 Grasping forceps Pitbull, straight, jaw shape 4.0/9.0 mm (W x L) Trocar sleeves, Trocars, Knife and Hook probes 3826 Trocar Sleeve with 6.5 mm sleeve diameter, color code red. 3832 High Flow Trocar Sleeve with 6.5 mm...

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 7

Arthroscopes similar as on this picture Arthro Pump, a small and handy irrigation pump Compact and powerful arthroscopy pump with automatic tube set validation and instrument recognition to maintain the correct flow rate. Easy tube set mount with best visibility due to open architecture. ARTHRO PUMP 3824 advantages • 1.5 l/min. maximal flow rate • Optimal flow regulation due to automatic instrument detection and software control • Flushing function to maintain visibility within the operation field (joint) • Pole suspended for high maneuverability • Patient protection due to...

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Instruments for arthroscopy - 8

Applied parts Type BF Protection class Class 1 Weight 370 g, without cable Pressure range 5 - 150 mmHG Maximal fluidal flow rate 1.5 l/min. ± 10 % Mains 100 - 240 V AC at 50 - 60 Hz Nouvag AG Nouvag GmbH Nouvag USA, LLC Postfach 180 SchulthaiRstr. 15 6201 Airport Freeway, Suite 200 St.Gallerstr. 23-25 D-78462 Konstanz USA-76117 Haltom City, Texas Toll free number (800) 673 7427

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