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Cranial instruments and high speed handpieces 67132 EN • V42/17 • NOUVAG AG© • all rights reserved • Subject to change Find out more about our Made in Switzerland power driven surgical instruments to use with an appropriate motor system such as our HighSurg 30. High speed handpieces Cranial Perforator

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NouvaCut single use perforator drills are safer and more economical. Cranial Perforator with NouvaCut Perforator Drills This Cranial Perforator has a transmission ratio that allows a speed range of 80 up to 1200 rpm and a torque of up to 130 Ncm, for optimal surgical results. The solid appearance reflects its everlasting, endurable craftsmanship, Made in Switzerland. The single use NouvaCut perforator drills, available in many different sizes and shapes, guarantee for safety and eliminate the costs for cleaning, reprocessing and resharpening. 1:1 Surgical high speed handpieces Nouvag high...

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