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67143 EN • V39/18 • NOUVAG AG©, all rights reserved • Subject to change Skin Grafting

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Skin Grafting - 2

TCM 3000 BL Motor system for reconstructive surgery The TCM 3000 BL is a small, practical motor system for drilling, sawing and grinding as well as for skin grafting with the Dermatomes. Its simple, intuitive operation is the outstanding feature of this device. Torque controlled electronic motor

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Skin Grafting - 3

Dermatome for skin grafting and burns care The Dermatomes are driven by a powerful electronic motor, controlled by our control units, such as the practical TCM 3000 BL or the more extensive HighSurg 30. Toolfree handling Toolfree handling Weight optimized Toolfree handling Weight optimized

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Skin Grafting - 4

Dermatomes in 4 different widths The specific dermatome with the corresponding width is choosen, depending on the body site, where the skin transplant must be taken from. The blades can be uncovered and replaced without tools only by loosening the two screws attached above. The thickness of the skin sample, between 0.05 and 1.00 mm, is adjusted with the thumbwheel. The variable base plates allow narrower skin sections to be gathered with a broad dermatome without the need for multiple Dermatomes. Thumbwheel for the adjustment of the thickness of the skin from 0.05 – 1.00 mm

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Skin Grafting - 5

REF 19872 Reduction base plate for Dermatome 100 for the reduction of the cutting width to 75 mm. REF 19871 Reduction base plate for Dermatome 100 for the reduction of the cutting width to 50 mm. REF 19887 Reduction base plate for Dermatome 75 for the reduction of the cutting width to 50 mm. REF 19886 Reduction base plate for Dermatome 75 for the reduction of the cutting width to 25 mm. REF 4131 Sterilization and storage basket for your dermatome system. Holder for dermatome handpiece, electronic motor with cable and for reduction base plates. REF 4133 Lid for Sterilization basket. REF 1919...

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Skin Grafting - 6

Mesher Skin expansion system Skin sections taken with the dermatome are spread on a skin carrier plate that meets the requirements and forced through the Mesher by a pair of rollers with blades and the back pressure roller. The resulting perforation in the skin section allows it to be stretched in width, according to the specification of the mesh board used. The gained area enlargement of the skin section saves the patient further skin removal. The open interstices of the transplanted skin sections are built up in the process of growing together. REF 1986nou Mesher, skin expansion system

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Skin Grafting - 7

By unfolding the bridge, the blade roller can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. When the pressure of the blade roller against the counterpressure roller has been adjusted correctly, the graft can be stretched easily. Mesher carrier plates Expansion factor

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Coupling motor side ISO 3964 Weight 280 g, without cable Derma carrier plates 1.5:1 / 3:1 / 6:1 Leaflet may represent products that are not available in all markets. Nouvag AG St.Gallerstr. 23-25 CH-9403 Goldach Nouvag GmbH SchulthaiBstr. 15 D-78462 Konstanz Nouvag USA, LLC 6201 Airport Freeway, Suite 200 USA-76117 Haltom City, Texas Toll free number (800) 673 7427

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